Martial arts documentary to premiere in Birmingham

A multi-award-winning documentary about an extraordinary martial arts challenge by a woman from Birmingham is to be given its UK theatrical release in the city.

Lady Samurai: The Final Cut will be shown at the Midlands Arts Centre (MAC) in Cannon Hill Park, Birmingham on Thursday, 18th April at 7.00 pm – and tickets are still available.

The hour-long film documents the attempt by internationally acclaimed martial artist, musician and filmmaker Fay Goodman to achieve a long-held ambition of becoming the first Western female outside Japan to achieve the highest honour in her art.

Fay shares her experience on screen of training in the intricate art of Iaido – the way of the Samurai sword – and of her physical and spiritual journey. Her penultimate challenge is to face a panel of distinguished all-male judges at the Budokan martial arts venue in Tokyo.

Through narrative and observation, Fay acknowledges the support of her Japanese teachers, delves into the study of the sword, and explores Japanese culture and lifestyle at first hand. She also elevates the stunning scenery and dramatic action by weaving in her own soundtrack.

Produced and directed by Fay, who runs her own film company Goodmedia Ltd, the documentary has won more than thirty international awards including the category of Inspiring Woman in a Film at the prestigious Hong Kong International Film Festival and the award for Best Original Song at the Bluez Dolphins International Film Festival.

Fay Goodman said: “Lady Samurai is the true story of my determination to succeed in the martial art I love, Iaido: the way of the Samurai sword.

“I consider martial arts a conduit for profound life lessons and a means to cultivate the inner self. My commitment to sharing knowledge extends beyond the dojo as an accomplished author and musician. I use every platform available to spread my insights.

“Through my books, music compositions, performances and teachings, I advocate for a world where compassion, peace, inspiration, respect, and kindness prevail, reflecting my belief in the transformative power of martial arts to foster a better, more empathetic society.”

Tickets for the two-hour event, which includes a welcome reception, film screening, and post-screening question and answer session, are available priced at £8.50 by clicking on

About Iaido

Iaido (way of the Sword) is an ancient Japanese martial art that concentrates on the technique of drawing a Samurai sword and cutting with controlled movements.

About Fay Goodman

Fay Goodman is an accomplished documentary filmmaker, martial artist, personal safety trainer, author, and musician.

She runs her own martial arts training centre in Yardley, Masamune Dojo ( , which specialises in Iaido, Jodo (using a short staff), and Shinto Ryu, a combination of Karate, Aikido and Jujitsu.

Fay holds a 7th Dan (Kyoshi) in Iaido and 6th Dan (Renshi) in Jodo and is the founder of Shinto Ryu. Her acclaimed books include Self Defence for All and The Ultimate Book of Martial Arts.

With a Royal College of Music training, Fay has composed albums to accompany healing and martial arts demonstrations. Her first album, Kokoro, was featured in a BBC TV documentary.

As managing director of Goodmedia Ltd (, Fay directed and produced Thunderfingers – a tribute to John Entwistle of The Who – which was broadcast on the UK Biography Channel. The documentary was voted Pick of the Day in the Sunday Times.

Fay also runs her own road safety charity, DriveSafe & StaySafe (, and is the creator and founder of The Conies (, an animated series of traffic cone characters that help improve child safety.