Midlands lads smash 5K a day to fight homelessness

Could you run 5k?  But could you run 5k, every day for the entire month of April?  Well, I certainly couldn’t but that is what two lads from Keon Homes did.
Ben Sharp and Oliver Dolman put on their running shoes did just that to raise vital funds for St Basils, a youth homeless charity based in the West Midlands.  Keon Homes have chosen to support their cause this year, but Ben and Oliver took that support to an entirely new level, running a combined distance of 150km each for the month of April, raising a total of £5080

Oliver Dolman – I began getting into my running about 3 months ago just to become healthier and feel better in myself. I was about 2 months into my running when I noticed that Keon Homes had donated some money to St Basils who are helping the fight against young homelessness and doing a fantastic job may I add.
It got me to thinking that I could use my running to help St Basils and do a hard month of fundraising on behalf of Keon Homes.
I got in contact with Richard and Warren regarding my idea of running 5km per day for a total of 150km from the 1st until the 30th of April, and they of course welcomed it. I got in contact with Ben Sharp, a keen fitness fanatic from Keon Homes and asked him if he would like to join me on the challenge, he eagerly accepted.
The support we have received has been remarkable and has been the motivation for this tough month. Our supporters enabled us to raise our initial target of £1000 before we had even done our first run! Now the total is around £5000 which is astonishing, and we are all blown away.
This money is going to provide vital support for these poor young people suffering from threat of homelessness and I am truly grateful for everybody who has helped to make this happen.
I would like to say a final thank you to everybody who has supported us on this fundraiser and on behalf of Keon Homes we wish you all good health.
Ben Sharp – Apart from a couple of runs in lockdown, I’ve never been a keen runner. But when Ollie approached me with this challenge, I thought it would be an excellent opportunity to push my mental and physical strength whilst supporting an amazing charity, St Basils.
The support throughout the running has been amazing. Frequent messages of support from friends, family, and colleagues along with our supporters smashing the donation targets motivated me to continuously push myself. After the first couple I thought I had no chance, but I’ve surprised myself with what your body can achieve when you push it to its limited.
I want to say a massive thank you to everyone who has supported myself and Ollie on this challenge. The donations will be able to support so many people who are not as fortunate as us and are faced with homelessness. I am sure this will not be the last challenge and I am looking forward to the next one!
Richard Williams – Keon homes and our group Tara are committed to supporting local charities and St Basils is one that’s very close to our heart. We are so proud of our Oliver Dalman and Ben Sharp for running 5k every day for the month of April for this wonderful charity and we are really grateful of the generosity shown by our contractors, supply chain consultants and the Sweeney foundation.
The total they have raised so far is £5080 and it is still going up!
Barrie Hodge, head of fundraising at St Basils, said. “I’m in awe of this.  We get people doing all sorts of wonderful and amazing challenges to raise money for our cause, but this really is a step beyond.  We cannot thank Ben, Oliver and all at Keon Homes enough for this amazing support.  Enjoy the recovery, we think you’ve earned it”.
Learn more about how you can support St Basils and their goal to prevent youth homelessness in the West Midlands by visiting www.stbasils.org.uk
Or email stafffundraising@stbasils.org.uk