Oval’s Vision for Digbeth’s Future Development

Oval, current owners of The Custard Factory, held an exhibition on 14th November 2019 on their vision for the future of large swathes of historic Digbeth.

In 2017, Oval acquired a large part of Digbeth, including buildings such as the Custard Factory, Fazely Studios and Bond Studios. Since then they have been carefully revitalising parts of Digbeth, providing much needed investment in to the multi-tenanted buildings.

Oval works closely with the Digbeth Estate team to offer tenants the best possible on the ground support. Oval believes that gradual change lasts longer as demonstrated by the rolling programme to refurbish and re-purpose some of Digbeth’s buildings.

The next chapter Digbeth is not like anywhere else in Birmingham and Opal want to ensure it maintains its unique identity. The innovative street art is part of the ever changing face of Digbeth, a living record of how the area has changed and adapted over time.

The Framework Opal are consulting on will allow them to continue its careful stewardship of Digbeth, slowly introducing new elements to strengthen the area, investing in existing assets and acknowledging its past while facilitating the occupiers of the future.

“Oval’s vision is to revitalise the post-industrial neighbourhood of Digbeth; creating an independent, individual and industrious community for Birmingham. In doing so they hope to develop exemplar buildings that embrace the history of the area as well as the potential of the future; offering new models of working and living.

Digbeth is a characterful, playful and accommodating place for all; linking the exceptional public realm, arts and cultural spaces across the estate with nearby infrastructure and connectivity to and from the City Centre.”

More information can be viewed here: www.consultdigbeth.co.uk/consultation/