Pioneering oil painter launches vibrant new collection in Birmingham

Richard Rowan – a former Daily Mail artist of the year – produces photographic quality scenes by applying oil directly onto glass

The accomplished painter will be appearing at the ICC on Saturday 19th September to launch his new body of work.

Richard Rowan’s latest collection ‘New Horizons’ expertly captures stunning landscape settings on a ‘canvas’ of glass – the acclaimed artist’s preferred material. He’ll be appearing at Castle Fine Art in the International Convention Centre between 12-4pm on Saturday 19th September to meet guests and explain more about his unusual technique.

The powerful new body of work captures the beauty of nature: from glowing sunsets, to dramatic bolts of lightning piercing through brooding mist, to bright, luminescent cloud formations reminiscent of the Northern Lights.

Talking of his inspiration, Richard says:

My children were scared of thunderstorms, and I wanted to help them turn their fear into an appreciation of nature – to help them see the beauty that I see…so we started chasing storms, photographing them and then painting them.

His scenes are also inspired from his travels to diverse places such as the Lake District and Hanoi.

Before studying design and fine art in Northampton, Richard showed an enthusiasm for art from an early age. He says:

One of my earliest memories was when I was 6 years old painting at the kitchen table while my family were fixed in front of the TV. Using my dad’s stolen architectural (just finished) drawings, I coloured in all the rooms and drew people next to the buildings. I’ve never seen my father so upset and angry, but he is now my biggest fan!

After a career in the motorsport world which took Richard around the globe, he is now a full time artist. With a technique unique to him, Richard’s delicate work takes shape by painting the foreground first, leaving it to dry for up to a week before the next layer is applied. Different coats of paint are then expertly added with a kit of brushes, homemade tools and craft knives onto the reverse side of the sheets of glass. Tweaking the paint before it dries, the finished result gives a depth and vibrancy that captivates the viewer.

Beth McCarthy, Birmingham’s Gallery Manager for Castle Fine Art – fine art publisher Washington Green’s nationwide network of high street galleries – says:

Landscapes and skies are constantly changing and this gives Richard a constant flow of inspiration for him to explore. This new collection is a ticket to round the world travel, a portal to destinations far and wide, escapism on your wall.

Speaking of his new collection, Rowan says:

From early in my teenage years a quote has never left my mind… ‘Life’s too short. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you may miss it.’  I’m looking all the time. I get annoyed when I see a spectacular sky and people around me are doing their day to day routines, missing what is happening above their heads.

This life is too short so I’m trying to remember as much of it as I can. I love being able to capture a moment in time. Painting oil on glass can make you want to tear your hair out, but it’s also satisfying at the same time. When I sit down to paint, I want to paint better than the last time; pushing the boundaries of what I can do.

Richard will be appearing at Castle Fine Art, International Convention Centre, Broad Street, Birmingham,B1 2EA on Saturday 19th September between 12-4pm. Pieces can also be bought from Castle Fine Art and Castle Galleries’ network of high street stores across the UK or online: