Pizza Lovers Will Lap Up This Online Game!

As a pizza lover, I make sure I set aside time each month for shopping and buying the best pizzas I can find from the local supermarkets. So many to choose from, deep pan, thin crust, spicy meat, vegetarian, or just buy a base with tomato sauce and cheese, then load it with everything left over in the fridge such as peppers, chillis, garlic, more cheese, and occasionally a bit of pepperoni.

However, there comes a point where I have to head out to Birmingham and have someone else cook a pizza for me, so many great places to choose from these days, such as Crazy Pedro’s, Rudy’s, The Stable, and a whole load of micro pizza places.. it’s big business these days.

I’ve also enjoyed having a go at making pizza at The Stable, we made our own dough, and loaded the bases, then watched them being baked in the super hot ovens. Fascinating process.

So when I stumbled across Pizza Cafe game on, being a pizza lover, I had to have a look.

Pizza Cafe is a cool little online game set in a pizza restaurant. It is a simulation game where the player has to serve diners the correct pizza they ordered, the aim of the game is to ensure all diners leave happy, or as many as possible!

The game is addictive in that you are rushing to prepare the best pizza for each customer as they sit in anticipation, at the conveyer belt, and if you fail to please them their smiling happy faces turn to frowns as they show disappointment if you select the wrong ingredients for their favourite pizza toppings.

The bubble above each customer will tell you what their preference is, and you can lay crust, sauce, cheese, and various other toppings. You then cook the pizza, and when the customer who you made it for picks it up and chomps down, hey presto, a happy customer!

You can even call up for more ingredients when you run low. Which is quite authentic.

Across the top of the screen it will give you an indication of the level number, cash, level timer, pause & sound control buttons, happy customers served, and customers who left angry.

In all, the game is addictive but not too easy to play, therefore you can play for lengthy periods of time without getting bored. There is a catchy theme tune as will in the background which allows your mind to wonder far away to Italy.

I did notice also there is another similar game named Pizza Baker which looks like it could be worth investigating. But for now, Pizza Cafe is my go to game when needing to switch off from work and get a pizza fix without piling on the pounds.