Rachael Sage at Symphony Hall review

I can’t say I have every really had the pleasure of watching an artist like Rachael Sage perform before and I am elated that I have had that chance to do so. We all go to watch our favourite musicians perform but there is an extra something about the way this vibrant natured, strong woman holds and expresses herself.

She is a very visual artist, from the clothes she wears to the way she moves and uses her hands as instruments. An American singer-songwriter and poet, who’s performance is truly her art and I really appreciated that she seemed to share and show the audience something that felt very personal.

As a support act for Imelda May, at Birmingham Symphony Hall, Rachael Sage stood out in her own unique and emotive way. Accompanied by Violinist Kelly Halloran, who is extremely talented, the pair seemed very at ease and entwined with one another when performing. Both looked very comfortable on stage and gave off a feeling of friendship, which always sets a good tone I think.

There is a calm and soothing air to Rachael’s overall presence and her music matches this, although it may be telling you a story with a more important and serious undertone to it. There was a song called “Sistersong” that she performed on the keyboard, it was also dedicated to Imelda May.

The meaning of which holding a very female empowered message, a song that celebrates women’s drive for a career in the music industry. Using her music in way to not just listen to and enjoy but to show alliance with others and similarly doing this with the song “Blue Sky Days” off her album “Character”, where she explained the inspiration behind the emotional album, as her experience with overcoming cancer and her recovery.

Offering her love and support to whoever’s ears it reaches.
It is almost like Rachael’s hand is reaching out to the audience with her songs and that’s an intimacy with her fans that I think is very heart warming.

There was poetry weaved into the performance and I very much enjoyed that aspect of it, in a way enhancing how everything flowed. The last song performed was “Haunted By Objects” played with a mix of rhythmic hand clapping alongside the beautiful melody of a violin. I have never thought of clapping as a talent until then and I feel foolish for not thinking so earlier!

So if you look for artists that have a voice they want to share and not just sing with, I couldn’t recommend Rachael Sage more. A true Artistic performer not to just listen to but watch and I would love to see her in a more intimate setting too. I did get to speak to Rachael; which the artist very much encouraged at the end of her show and I was pleased to find a friendly, welcoming and enthusiast person.

Overall I would say it was definitely a beautiful night, that I would love to share again with certain people in my life that I know would have the same experience as me.

Words by Wallis Brown for Grapevine Birmingham (https://www.instagram.com/wonderfulyou_xo)