Rastafarian movement celebrated in new release from rising contemporary reggae star

– Richie Culture’s authentic roots reggae track HAIL H.I.M. will be released on Tuesday 23 July 2024 to mark the birthday of Emperor Haile Selassie I, founder 

– The title song is the latest solo work from the Young Culture vocalist, also currently enjoying international support from music industry and fans

– Young lyricist and vocalist aims to promote the Rastafarian faith through the revival of classic 1970s Jamaican roots reggae for 21st-century 

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A new release from a rising young star in contemporary reggae music will shine a light on the Rastafarian movement, representing a community which numbers around 6,000 in the UK and an estimated 1,000,000 worldwide.

31-year-old Birmingham-based vocalist and activist Richie Culture will share the first single and title track of new authentic roots reggae EP ‘Hail H.I.M.’ on 23 July 2024 – one of the holiest days in the Rastafarian movement, marking the birthday of Emperor Haile Selassie I.

The recording is the vocalist and lyricist’s devotional work to the ‘King of all Kings’ as Rastafarians view Selassie, reflecting Richie Culture’s journey as a young Rasta, and his lifelong inspiration drawn from the leading and influential figure in modern Ethiopian history and Jamaican religious and political culture.

The four-track EP, which will feature the title track, is due for release on Friday 11 November 2024.

Encapsulating the essence of Rastafari and exploring ‘the dread times we live in’, the record will also embrace an uplifting and bright attitude towards life, and the unity and togetherness of Rastafari. 

Musically, ‘HAIL H.I.M.’, the artist’s second solo body of work, is a diverse showcase of reggae styles including roots, rub-a-dub, nyabinghi drum, authentic roots, and contemporary reggae.

The EP features an array of talented musicians from the UK’s reggae community, including Robbie Melody, Bongo Damo, John Malan, Kibibi Campbell, Cate Shanks, Shadow Lion, Alose Dread, and J Zoob.

Produced by Robbie Melody, the EP emphasizes the organic and rich sound that defines Richie Culture. The initial recordings took place at Arc Studio in Birmingham, onto a pristine Atari 24-channel analogue tape machine, before moving to Robbie Melody’s Trench Rd Studios for overdubs, vocal tracking, and mixing. 

Blending traditional and modern recording techniques, producer-musician Robbie Melody wanted to ‘capture the energy of the music in authenticity and then shape in it a way that best represents the sound we create’.

‘Hail H.I.M.’ enters with an ethereal Ethiopian flute over Nyabinghi drum, an ancient sound from the solo Trombone from J Zoob invoking sounds of bygone ages and imagery of royalty and majesty. 

The intro gives way to a heartbeat tempo one-drop riddim with pulsating bass line, trombone melody and lashings of spring reverb and tape echo before Richie’s chorus takes over in a style and pattern not yet heard from the Birmingham singer. 

Roots is at the forefront of the track, as Robbie Melody and Richie Culture take their sound way back in time to reflect the mid-70s roots reggae sound in Jamaica.

Reflecting on the creation of ‘Hail H.I.M.’, Richie Culture shares, “I’ve always wanted to create a body of work that honours the legacy of Haile Selassie I and the principles of Rastafari. This EP is a reflection of my way of life, the challenges we face, and the hope and unity that Rastafari brings to our lives.”

‘Hail H.I.M.’ is a testament to Richie Culture’s deep affinity and connection to reggae music and the Rastafari faith. 

The EP not only showcases his musical versatility, but also his commitment to spreading the message of unity, love, and resilience through his art.

Richie Culture – ‘HAIL H.I.M.’ will be released across all streaming and download platforms on Tuesday 23 July with the three remaining tracks set for release throughout Summer and Autumn 2024.