Ray Richardson Exhibition has come to Digbeth

Ray Richardson’s new show; MYKINDATOWN’ sees Ray Richardson return to the Digbeth Art Space, with a graphic based collection featuring conté drawings on board, acrylic painted drawings on canvas and some choice cut original limited edition prints made in collaboration with and published by the mighty Glasgow Print Studio.

Ray Richardson was born in Woolwich South East London in 1964. He studied at St Martins School of Art and Goldsmiths College and has lived and worked in London, Brussels, Paris and Chicago. Ray currently lives and works in South East London. His works are drawn from his own experience of being born, bred and from living and working in London and hold up a mirror to the everyday life or normal working people.

Ray’s inspiration comes from painters such as Vermeer, Rembrandt, Hopper and Richter but it is also heavily influenced by pop culture, for example the musical language of Gil Scott Heron, Paul Weller and Marvin Gaye, the pulp history of James Ellroy or David Mamet and the cinematic and photographic genius of the likes of Martin Scorsese, David Lynch, William Klein and Robert Frank.

‘Ray Richardson is the Martin Scorsese of paintingLindsay MaCrae GQ Magazine.

‘Ray Richardson is the David Lynch of paint and canvas’ Iain Gale The Independent.

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The ‘MYKINDATOWN’ exhibition will be on until the end of September, as a private 45 minute viewing (by request) please email info@digbethartspace.com for private viewings any day of the week.