Re-opened Buzz Bingo Becomes Great Park’s Latest Nightlife Addition

The national bingo chain Buzz Bingo has recently re-opened their Great Park site in B45 following a complete overhaul of the previous venue, opening its doors as one of the area’s latest nightlife additions.

Open from 11am to 12:30am every night of the week, and until 1:30am on weekends, the new venue offers an unconventional bingo experienced aimed at all ages, particularly younger players. Following a nationwide shift among millennials toward more “traditional” forms of mass entertainment as reported by The Guardian recently, it seems that Buzz Bingo Great Park has followed suit, bringing a more colourful and youthful vibe to their revamped venue.

The site is located within the Great Park leisure and retail complex, next to Frankie & Benny’s, and there is free parking on site. For those unable to drive or wishing to indulge in the fully-stocked bar area offered by the venue, the site is reachable via 19 and 42 buses from the city centre.

The sprawling new site has space for hundreds of bingo players at a time, as well as a fully-stocked bar, kitchen, and lounge area. Main bingo events typically cost around £2-4 for entry, while sessions will be taking place on Thursday afternoons and evening free of charge, meaning that anyone can stroll in and have a game or two.

Visitors are able to play bingo solo or in teams with their friends, with the site reportedly already being popular with large groups. In a further sign that Buzz Bingo is targeting trendier audiences, the venue aims to offer a more millennial party atmosphere. This can be seen in the food menu, which offers up plenty of classic hipster staples such as fully-stacked burgers, burritos, curly fries and the mega-desserts that have become immensely popular in the UK recently.

On the refreshment side of things, the venue offers a number of “nutritious” health-based cocktails for wellness-focused millennials. In addition to this, the pricing seems to be well aimed at younger audiences too, offering bottles of wine and a large pitcher of beer for considerably lower prices than those found in city centre bars.

Whether this massive new nightlife venue will be a big enough draw for people to travel to B45 remains to be seen, but it may well prove a welcome addition to an area that traditionally doesn’t have a lot going on in terms of nightlife. The accessibility of the venue via public transport means that cash-strapped university students might find the journey worth their while for a chance to enjoy some cheap drinks, as well as playing the kinds of bingo games that have recently become so popular with their generation.

The venue reopening by Buzz Bingo is evidence of an ambitious attempt to attract new audiences, as well as cash-in on fast emerging trends within the entertainment sector. Whether the site will become a smash-hit with millennials is difficult to tell, but there’s clearly enough going on at this massive site to appeal to revellers and gamers of all ages.