Seven updates that will add value to your kitchen

If your home is on the market, the kitchen can be make-or-break when it comes to selling. Many prospective buyers these days are turned off by anything that may require a renovation. If your kitchen is in tip-top condition and won’t need a re-do after move-in, this will instantly add to the appeal of your home. One easy budget-friendly option that is easy is to installing a new Kitchen Splashback.

Therefore, updating your kitchen can really increase your property value. While most updates are quite affordable, any costs incurred will be returned come auction day. Keep reading to find out eight updates that will add value to your kitchen.

1. A fresh coat of paint

This is by far the simplest way to modernise any room. Painting is a relatively low-cost update and one that won’t take too long either. You’d be surprised at how new and fresh your kitchen can look after some paint. For saving your time and money at renovation, you can choose the best paint and primer in one.

Kitchen walls generally need to be updated more than other rooms of the house, as they’re exposed to heat, steam and grease. No one wants a dirty kitchen that looks worn out!

2. A new opening

Replacing doors and drawers is an effective way to update any kitchen. While they seem like simple changes, they can give a room a whole new look.

You can update the style of the doors for a more modern feel, or simply find something to match your existing units. Remember to get them perfectly custom fitted, as ill-fitting doors will look off.

3. Lights on

Lighting makes an enormous difference and can completely change the atmosphere of your kitchen.

Single statement pendant lights can add a chic look when placed over the island counter or dining table. Dimmer lights are also perfect for setting whatever mood you want, whether it’s for entertaining, a romantic dinner, or just adequate lighting for preparing a meal.

4. A clean slate

One of the least attractive things to any potential buyer is an outdated kitchen. Old fashioned tiles and splashbacks simply aren’t a good look anymore.

Adding a panel of metal or glass is a simple and low-maintenance trick. You won’t have the busy task of re-tiling, and panels are also easier to clean in the long run, which any buyer will appreciate.

5. Darling decor

You wouldn’t believe how the simple touches and small decor items can transform a kitchen. Presentation is everything, and the right decoration creates a more inviting and abundant atmosphere than an unstyled room.

Develop an eye for detail when decorating your kitchen, as everything should flow together seamlessly.

6. Brighten up

According to Property Price Advice, the use of bright colours is another way to liven up the kitchen. This is particularly important if the space is very neutral and monochromatic, as you don’t want your kitchen looking too clinical.

Choose a nice, subtle colour that can be incorporated into the decor. However, make sure it isn’t overwhelming and one that other people could easily get sick of. This could simply be rolling blinds if you want a less temporary pop of colour.

7. A change of chairs

If your dining room chairs or bar stools are a bit worn, they’ll stand out to others, and not in a good way. Always choose furnishings according to what look your kitchen already has, and ensure they fit with the space you’re working with.

The best part about this update is that you can take the chairs you buy with you when you move!

8. Countertops

Countertops are perhaps one of the first things people take notice of in a new kitchen. Since it’s such a visible part, think about whether it may be bringing down the value of the place. Laminate is an affordable option for a replacement that can still look very impressive.

However, you may not need to replace the countertops if they’re still in good condition. Instead, you can find a company that resurfaces them to create a whole new look for much less.