Seventh Circle Artworks & Aesthetics – New Collection – Sam Weeks

This is the work of Birmingham artist Sam Weeks, but not as you may know her! Usually, Sam’s work is all about colour featuring a stylistic stronghold of vivid blues, killer oranges alongside a cornucopia of supporting vibrant shades.

Sam has been super busy in her studio this year creating a whole new collection loosely inspired by The Seven Hermetic Principles.

The work has such depth and visual texture” Sam says. “When I started work on these pieces, I experimented with three-way, horizontal divisions of the surface – the rule of thirds’’ – a compositional method.

From that point, her journey towards her larger, darker scale artwork began to form. This darker style of painting came out of a tried and tested strategy Sam uses to refocus, to keep things fresh and exciting.

Her ‘Peripheral Abstracts Series’ have given Sam a little light (and deliciously dark) relief in between creating those larger pieces. The first collective to form from Sam’s exploration of her dark side.

The gallery has a collection of six originals that are on display now as well as being available to view and buy online.

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