Seventh Circle Launch – Introducing Daniel Lopez

Daniel López Villacañas often sees beauty where others may not, and he has even used the British rain to fuel his creativity.

Originally from Andalusia, Spain, he moved to Birmingham a few years ago and now works out of his studio in the vibrant city centre.

He tells us that, “working in this city has changed my practice, my way of representing has had to adjust to portray the elements I’m working with. What I find incredible is the UK weather, the weather reflected on the wall, those grey marks, that strong red from the brick, that to me, is Birmingham”.

Birmingham for example has a fantastic, diverse mix of new and old. Red-brick Victorian Gothic, Brutalist, Romanesque, and modernist glass buildings all make up the city’s architectural personality. Daniel says he finds this varied mix “bizarre, eclectic, even exotic”. and confesses “I absolutely love the drama of Birmingham”.


Working in the studio one day, Daniel was simply experimenting with rain and water, the results, he says, were incredible.

Painting and then leaving the artwork open to the elements as well as dousing his works in water and seeing where it takes them, changed the artworks significantly.

Daniel says, “sometimes it’s important to have someone with fresh eyes that doesn’t take your surrounding for granted.

As an artist I think that’s my focus, to take the ordinary and point out it is actually extraordinary”.

And, here at Seventh Circle Moseley, we find Daniel’s work extraordinary, elevating the gritty streets through his unique practice is simply next level.

A selection of Daniel’s original works as well as limited edition box sets are will be in the gallery from Thursday 17th November onwards for as long as they are available. Make sure you drop in for a closer look, they definitely need to be seen in the flesh to be truly appreciated.

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