Show-stopping art collection goes on show in Birmingham

A collection of artworks by some of the world’s most iconic artists is now on display at The Birmingham Contemporary art gallery. Art Vault: The Investors Collection is an exploration into high end art, and features an eclectic mix of artwork that celebrates some of the most exciting artists across traditional, contemporary and high-tech mediums.

The 45-piece collection is a combination of multiple art collectors’ portfolios that spans 25 years and has been valued at over half a million pounds. The works, which are all for sale, will remain on display at the gallery until 1 July 2022, giving new and existing art collectors the chance to own a piece of history.

From Murakami to Damien Hirst, contemporary futurism is at the forefront of the collection. It also plays host to the thought-provoking sculpture ‘I Know You Inside Out’ by Marilene Oliver, which aims to redefine how we view the human body using technology. Oliver’s sculpture is a reconstruction of cyrosections of a convicted American murderer who donated his body to medical science.

Digital art also features as part of the collection, with a selection of Non-Fungible Token’s (NFTs) from Damien Hirst and Danny Cole on display. Collectors who purchase these artworks from the gallery will obtain both the authentic digital NFT, as well as the physical artwork from the gallery.

Many of the pieces in the collection have been consciously designed to spark debate. Mauro Perchutti offers discourse on religion and cloning with an eye-catching crucifix sculpture featuring miniature jelly babies encased inside his resin cross. Whilst Alastair Mackie’s mouse-skull sphere uses unconventional materials to create new contrasting narratives.

Art Vault: The Investors Collection is on display at The Birmingham Contemporary Art Gallery from now until 1 July 2022. To find out more or to schedule a private viewing contact on 0121 769 0966 or visit