Shower Baths are the Next Big Thing in Bathrooms

When it comes designing the perfect showering space for your bathroom you may be limited to which bathroom units and styles you can pick from, especially if you have a small sized area to work with. Regardless of the amount of bathroom space that you have there should be no reason why you should compromise and have to choose between either a bath or shower. This is where the popular shower bath becomes the perfect option and with some fantastic modern styles from BELLABATHROOMS there is plenty of inspiration to encourage that bathroom make over you have been dreaming of.

The Advantages of Shower Baths

Shower baths are suitable for every bathroom and as they are convenient and stylish they are becoming increasingly popular. There are number of situations where shower baths are ideal so they are quickly becoming the newest bathroom trend in modern homes.

  • For smaller bathrooms they are a great space-saving option that allows you to have a shower and bath in the same space. This means that you do not have to choose between either a bath or shower.
  • There are many fantastic stylish designs available that are perfect for every modern or traditional bathroom style making them perfect for every home.
  • There is no need to compromise on shower size with a shower bath as there are a number of great shapes of bath unit that will provide a great showering experience.

Choosing your Shower Bath

So now you have decided that a trendy shower bath is the perfect option for your dream bathroom, you can now get started with designing this great space. There are a luxurious range of bath units available to compliment all tastes; with shaped bath units that provide more showering space to space-saving options, perfect for when you are limited for space.

The straight uniformed bath unit gives a traditional look that is simple and pleasing to the eye. It is great for narrow spaces while still being comfortable to use. There are even clever space-saving options with slim-line versions that are perfect for bathrooms that you would have otherwise not been able to fit a bath. There is no danger of making your bathroom feel cramped with these great functional baths.

If you have a little extra space then these amazing shaped bath units will take your shower bath to the next level and with option of either the sharp clean edges of the L-shaped bath or the smooth gentle curves of the B-shape bath, they will offer that unique touch to your bathroom. These shaped baths will provide that welcome extra space for showering making the separate shower unit a thing of the past.

The Ideal Shower Screen

The shower screen has the important function of preventing splashes and keeping the shower water inside the bath when in use but there is no reason that is should not add that stylish finishing touch to your bathroom. A quality shower screen will also offer a top level of safety, with strengthened or reinforced glass, to ensure that the whole family has an enjoyable showering experience.

The single-sided shower screen is perfectly functional for every shower bath and with a wide variety of designs available you can make sure your bathroom has that added character. With the option of a fixed screen or folding screen there is plenty of choice for every shower bath. The straight fixed shower screen is great for traditional bathrooms as it is simple and subtle so does not detract from your great bathroom features. With square edges or a round finish there is the ideal screen for every style. To give your bathroom a modern feel the popular folding shower screen, which can be discreetly folded when not in use, provide a stylish option. With a variety of folding styles to choose from; with a classic single fold through to the four-folding screen, means that your shower screen will complement the rest of your bathroom.

For those who prefer that traditional feel of a shower unit then the enclosed shower screen will be the perfect option for a sophisticated showering experience. With a curved finish or a straight edge finish the stylish double screen closes to form an enclosed unit over the bath. These great shower screens create a unique feature for your modern bathroom, which will make your bathroom your favourite room in the house.