Sponsored places on therapeutic Children and Young People’s programme

Statistics state that approximately 1 in 4 women and 1 in 6 men will be affected by domestic abuse in their lifetime, and in many of these households there will have been children impacted. As you know we have been supporting women  for many years, and often there has been discussion around the effect on the children and young people in these homes. To further support families we have designed an interactive and therapeutic Children & Young People’s (CYP) Programme specifically designed for children who have witnessed or experienced historical domestic abuse or violence.
There is a cost for the 2019/20 CYP programme however we are pleased to share that we now have 20 sponsored places for 13-15 year olds.
A sponsored place includes;

  • 12 week therapeutic programme
  • Parents support before and during the programme
  • 121 counselling for children
  • Access to the adult women’s 6 month restoration programme

The programme takes place weekly for 12 weeks from March 2020, and would start at approx. 4pm in one of our central Birmingham central. Young people who do not live in Birmingham are welcome to apply and or be referred as long as they meet the criteria and can travel to Birmingham.
If you know a young person who would benefit from this programme please do complete a CYP programme application form, which can be requested by emailing us info@btsuk.org. The deadline to return completed forms is Friday 10th January 2020 which can be securely emailed to info@btsuk.org Programme places will be allocated on a first come first serve basis once the application forms have been processed and approved by a panel.