Staging A Corporate Event In Birmingham: Top Tips From A Local

Corporate events are a fun way to spend time with your team and get to know them outside of your working environment.

After the pandemic, many of us are eager to cultivate close human relationships and spend physical time together, even if we work remotely.

That’s perhaps one of the main reasons why corporate events and meeting spending is up 14.7% per head in 2023, despite the cost of living crisis and economic turmoil.

If you’re eager to plan a corporate event in the UK for your staff, then one central location that could be perfect is Birmingham.

The city is a national hub with a large train station, New Street, and an international airport, so it’s perfect for companies with team members spread across the country.

For anyone planning a corporate event in Birmingham, here are some tips from a local on how you can plan the perfect experience for everyone.

Choose The Perfect Venue

Every event needs a venue, and the type you select could make or break your event. So, before you start your search, make a list of everything you need from the venue and some things it might be nice to have. The factors you might want to consider include:

  • Facilities such as a stage or projector
  • A minimum capacity
  • A maximum cost
  • Hotel rooms for guests to stay in
  • Parking for guest vehicles

Once you know exactly what you want from your corporate event venue, you can start your search and reach out to a range of locations. These might be hotels, town halls or even local attractions with corporate spaces, such as theme parks.

Bring In Local Entertainment

Just because your corporate event centres on work, doesn’t mean you can’t all have some fun too. Having entertainment can break up the soiree and make it more memorable for all the right reasons. When choosing entertainment, find local providers who will charge less for travel and be able to give you an amazing experience. For example, if you want to include a close-up or stage magic show, consider choosing experienced Birmingham magician Ed Sumner. His shows are engaging and bound to be the talk of the water cooler for the foreseeable future!

Explore The Range Of Cusine On Offer

If your venue doesn’t offer food, then you might have to consider finding an external provider to give your colleagues something tasty to enjoy throughout the event. When exploring the options, think about the dietary requirements of your team, as well as the type of event you’re hosting. If you’re planning a formal event, you will need a sit-down dining experience, whereas for a more relaxed gathering, you could consider a buffet-style meal or even something quirky like hiring a food truck. Birmingham is home to a wide range of food providers offering dishes from around the globe, so you can find delicious treats to tempt your team.

Show Your Guests The Sights

Once the event is over, that doesn’t mean that your time in Birmingham is up. If you have extra time before your guests go home, then you could consider taking your guests on a tour of some of the biggest attractions in Birmingham. Whether its museums or art galleries, natural wonders or sports stadiums, there are many amazing sights to see in this stunning city to see. We’d recommend the Sea Life Centre or a tour of Bournville, which is just outside the city centre. Sightseeing with your employees or industry peers is a fun way to spend time with them and make the most of your corporate event.