Strategies that can help you make money at Blackjack Casinos

People join casinos for different reasons, the majority of the time it is so that players can unwind and have some fun. However, it’s always nice to be able to win some cash along the way. Since we’re talking gambling, most of the time, winning is down to luck. Some games do involve skill and strategy and these gambling games tend to be found at the casino tables – click to play casino online.

One game that is very popular with strategists is blackjack and this game is thought to be the best game to play if you want a fair chance at winning some cash. This is because blackjack has the smallest house edge of any other casino table game. The tiny house edge is great news for punters but what would be even better, is if there were strategies that could be applied to blackjack that could increase the chance of punters winning, further still. 

Blackjack: A Closer Look 

Blackjack is thought to have originated in French casinos of the 1700s and back then it was called 21. A trip over the Atlantic to America gave this simple card game the name that it still has now. Blackjack is played at land-based and online casinos. This game has had its wings clipped by the success and popularity of slot games, but it is still the main staple of any casino. 

Even though blackjack is a simple game, some apply strategies to their gameplay. if you have ever seen the film Rain Man then you may remember the scene at the casino where Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman spend the night playing blackjack. Here Dustin Hoffman turns out to be an expert card counter. Casinos do not tend to react kindly to those that have this special talent for counting cards. It is not illegal, but you could find yourself being banned from casinos if you have this gift. The only time you can be prosecuted is if you are part of a card counting gang, or if you are caught using special devices other than your memory, to keep track of the cards being dealt. 

Other Strategies 

Apart from natural talent, other strategies that are used to play blackjack have been derived from computer simulations. In simple terms, someone has taught computers how to play blackjack and then programmed them to play thousands of hands and record the results. From the data acquired and from the computer’s trial and error, the best decisions players can make during a blackjack hand have been noted. They can advise players when to Hit or Stand, Double Down, Split Pairs and when to Surrender. 

Final Thoughts 

Blackjack is the most player-focused of all casino games and customer decisions influence how cards play out and this is why it is important to know when to use the strategies mentioned above. However, card counting is the best strategy of them all and is even far superior to the findings of Artificial Intelligence technology.