Sushido Presents Sake and Japanese Cuisine Pairing Evening on 3rd August

Sushido Sutton Coldfield is hosting an exclusive Sake and Japanese Food Pairing Evening on 3rd of August. Renowned Japanese drinks expert Samuel Boulton and head chef/co-owner Gil Kanengisser have collaborated to create an exceptional eight-course menu that harmoniously blends sake and Japanese kitchen.

This extraordinary event will showcase the mastery of both Samuel Boulton and Gil Kanengisser as they curate a culinary experience that combines the finest flavours and techniques. Guests will be treated to an array of exquisite authentic dishes, each thoughtfully paired with complementary sake selections.

“We are thrilled to present the Sake and Japanese food Pairing Evening at Sushido” said Gil “This collaboration with Samuel Boulton allows us to offer our guests an unparalleled dining experience, highlighting the perfect harmony between sake and our menu.”

The menu for the evening will feature eight meticulously crafted courses, showcasing both traditional and innovative Japanese dishes. Sam’s deep knowledge of sake and Gil ‘s culinary artistry will ensure a symphony of flavours that will delight attendees.

“Pairing sake with food is an art form,” explained Samuel Boulton. “Working closely with Gil Kanengisser, we have designed a menu that showcases the versatility of sake and enhances the flavours of each course.”

The Sake Pairing Evening will take place at Sushido Sutton Coldfield on the evening of the 3rd August at 18:30. Tickets are priced at £75pp. Due to limited availability, early reservations are highly recommended.

To book your place, please visit For more information, please contact Sushido at 0121 3555875.

About Sushido Sutton Coldfield

Sushido is a renowned Japanese restaurant in Sutton Coldfield. Led by head chef/co-owner Gil Kanengisser, the restaurant offers an authentic culinary experience, showcasing the artistry and flavours of Japan through meticulously crafted sushi creations