Sushido Sutton Coldfield Introduces New Food and Drink Menus

Sushido in Sutton Coldfield, the popular Japanese Sushi Restaurant, is excited to announce the launch of its new food and drink menus, which is now available!

The drink menu has been created in collaboration with local Japanese drinks expert Samuel Boulton, thes
menu promise a remarkable dining experience with a focus on Chuhai cocktails and Japanese sake.

Head chef and co-owner Gill Kanengisser expressed his enthusiasm for the collaboration, stating, “We are
thrilled to unveil our new menus at Sushido. By partnering with Samuel Boulton, we have curated a drinksmenu that perfectly complements our authentic Japanese dishes, enhancing our customers’ dining

The new drink menu features an extensive range of Chuhai, a refreshing Japanese cocktail made withshōchū, soda, and various flavours. Samuel Boulton’s expertise has led to the creation of unique Chuhai combinations that provide an exceptional taste experience.

Additionally, Sushido will showcase a selection of exquisite sake varieties, chosen to align with the
restaurant’s commitment to authenticity and quality. The new food menu is equally impressive, with a range of traditional and innovative japanese creations prepared by skilled chefs using the freshest ingredients. Sushido proudly presents “The Playground,” acollection of shareable sushi platters that bring joy, nostalgia, and a sense of playfulness to the dining table.

Each platter is aptly named after a beloved traditional Japanese game, invoking a delightful sense of
camaraderie and discovery among diners. Embark on an adventure with OTE-DAMA, a platter reminiscent of the beloved children’s game, where bean bags are skillfully tossed and caught.

Immerse yourself in the strategic world of SHO-GI, as this platter pays homage to the revered Japanese chess game, capturing the essence of its timeless appeal. KOI KOI awaits those seeking a thrill, as this platter reflects the spirit of the popular Japanese card game,infusing every bite with excitement.

Finally, challenge your wit with SHIRI-TORI, a platter inspired by the Japanese word game, inviting gueststo explore a delectable culinary journey where flavours intermingle like the words in the game.
This fusion of traditional techniques and contemporary flavours promises to delight on every visit. Inresponse to the growing demand for vegan options, Sushido is proud to introduce the Vegan Smoked SalmonRoll.

Prepared with plant-based alternatives it mimics the texture and flavours of traditional smoked salmon, providing an exquisite experience for both vegan and non-vegan diners alike.
Sushido’s latest addition to the main course menu is the famous Osakan dish, Okonomiyaki. Bursting withumami flavours this Japanese savoury pancake will transports you to the street food vendors of the Japanese streets. The combination of tender pork and a medley of savoury ingredients make this dish an instant classic, providing a satisfying and memorable culinary experience.

“We have reimagined our food menu to reflect the diversity and artistry of Japanese cuisine,” added coowner Anat Kanengisser. “Our guests can expect an exciting fusion of tradition and innovation that
celebrates the essence of Japanese culinary heritage while embracing modern trends.”

The new food and drink menus at Sushido are now available. To secure a table and experience theextraordinary delights on offer, reservations are highly recommended.

For more information, or to make a reservations please visit or contact Sushido at 0121 3555875.

About Sushido Sutton Coldfield

Sushido in Sutton Coldfield is a renowned Japanese sushi restaurant in Sutton Coldfield. With a commitment to providing an authentic culinary experience, the restaurant showcases the artistry and flavours of Japan through its carefully crafted sushi creations. Led by head chef and co-owner Gill Kanengisser, Sushido Sutton Coldfield is a destination for sushi enthusiasts and those seeking a taste of Japan in their dining experience.