The Best Samsung Smartwatches for Women

Meta Description: If you are looking for a new smartwatch for the woman in your life, then choosing a Samsung device is a great choice. Take a look at the range of options available!

When smartwatches first came out, they were kept in the domain of men, but as they have grown in popularity, there is now more demand for versions made for women in addition to unisex devices. Samsung is not just a well-respected brand, but as we found out, working with, they have a number of great women-focused designs to choose from, so we took a look to find out which ones are best.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

Sometimes the oldies are the best when it comes to choosing a new watch, and this is certainly true of the Galaxy Watch 3! It offers a simple design and comes in silver, black or bronze. It also has changeable straps so that you can create the right look every time you wear it.

The watch also offers great functionality, allowing you to receive text messages, make calls and play your music directly from the Spotify app. You can also use the watch to make contactless payments so that you are never far from coffee, even when you are working out!

Samsung Gear Fit 2

If you are keen to work on your fitness, then a smartwatch fitness tracker may be a better idea. The Gear Fit 2 not only comes in a stunning design with a seriously comfy strap, but it also offers a wide range of sports tracking options that can show you how well you are progressing each time you workout.

The other great thing about this device is that it has one of the most accurate heart rate monitors available, allowing you to get to know how well your heart is performing and watching as your exercise goals help to improve your overall health. Finally, if you are a woman with smaller wrists, then this device comes with an adjustable strap to give you an excellent fit every time.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2

When the time came to upgrade the Galaxy Active, then the number 2 arrived on the scene with a range of great upgrades. Firstly, it offers a thinner design that is lightweight and more comfortable to wear. The watch itself is also smaller, making it a better choice for women with small wrists.

It comes in four different modes and offers a number of health and wellbeing tracking features, as well as an in-built stress monitor to help you keep an eye on how you are doing. There is also a guided breathing function to help with unwinding, and the companion app offers a deeper look into your stats from the day.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 4G

If you have a bit of cash to spare, then why not treat that special woman in your life to a Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 4G? This device offers coaching for runs, provides detailed feedback on workouts, and even offers an ECG function to check the health of your heart.

The 4G element of this watch really brings functionality to the center stage and allows you to take calls, send and receive texts and get notifications all when you are away from your phone. You can even use it to listen to music as you head out on your daily run.

Which Watch Should I Choose?

When it comes to deciding which watch is the best choice for you or the woman in your life, take some time to work out her interests and find out whether she prefers style over function. Armed with this information and your budget limits, you can then choose which Samsung smartwatch is the ideal one to buy!