The best sports in Birmingham to place a bet!

What are the best sports teams and sports matches to bet on in Birmingham and the West Midlands? We take a look at a few of the best options when places bets online with websites such as 20Bet.

Birmingham has a long and illustrious history when it comes to sport, home of the football league, where it was invented with the world’s first association football league, and no surprises, it was called just “The Football League”. Created in 1888 by William McGregor, it was his team, Aston Villa where it all began. Since then football teams in the West Midlands have had varied success, with Aston Villa ranking 7th today, as one of the most successful football clubs by trophies in the UK.

Wolverhampton Wonderers are ranked 11th, which is not too bad when you consider both teams still play in the top flight football. Other local teams which can be worth considering placing a bet on, are West Bromwich Albion and also Birmingham City FC, both in Championship League (the old 2nd division), and lower down there is Walsall FC. As all these teams are currently lacking in consistency, they do provide a good choice when it comes to betting online, there are no games where a reliable outcome can be predicted.

Cricket, it is said, was played in Birmingham the day The Battle of Culloden was fought between Scotland and England. There was been a cricket club in existence since 1745 and today, the city also holds the title as having the oldest cricket league in the world which was founded in 1888. The mighty Warwickshire County Cricket Club is host to some of the best world cricket, with international test matches and as well as many local matches played to sell out crowds, the club is based in Edgbaston and can offer some exciting professional cricket matches which are well worth a flutter at the bookies or online.

If you prefer the sound of roaring engines, oil and grease, leathers and big helmets, then British speedway is the way to go. Birmingham has possibly the most famous motorbike racing history as a manufacturer than anywhere else in the world. Successful racing brands such as B.S.A., Norton, Royal Enfield and Aerial, all were made or originated in the city. Birmingham Brummies are a Speedway club that are still going strong today, after being founded in 1929. The club is currently in the second tier of British Speedway and they race in the SGB Championship. This one is more for the motor sport enthusiasts and can bring home some nice little wins when betting.

There are many other sports teams and clubs and sportsmen and women worth considering from boxing to basketball, netball to rugby, and a nice change from the same old predictable favourites when looking to place a cheeky bet!