The Important Thing You Need to Know About Wet and Wavy Human Hair From Luvme Hair

Wavy hair is voluminous and gives the impression that it grows from your natural hair. Straight hair is the simpler counterpart known for its ability to complement any look. You can get them both in one if you love both textures.

This article will educate you on everything you need about wet and wavy hair. You’ll understand what they are, their advantages, how to wear them and change styles, and other essentials of wearing it.

It’s best to consider Luvme Hair regarding wet and wavy hair. It has these wig types and many more in various colors, lengths, and densities.

Table Of Contents

  1. What is a Wet and Wavy Wig?
  2. What are the Benefits of Wearing a Wet and Wavy Wig?
  3. Who Can Wear Wet and Wavy Wigs?
  4. How to Use Your Wet and Wavy Wigs?
  5. Can You Straighten Your Wet and Wavy Wigs?
  6. Conclusion

What is a Wet and Wavy Hair?

A wet and wavy hair is an extension that comes in two textures, straight and wavy. The wig comes naturally straight, which can turn wavy by adding moisture. You then use a curling iron or other styling method to return the wig to its original texture. The wigs get the wet and wavy name because it changes the texture when wet.

Luvme Hair wet and wavy hair are 100% human hair. Expert wigmakers take it through a careful manufacturing process to ensure it gets a wavy look when wet. Its human hair nature also makes it incredibly natural, lightweight, and easy to maintain. It’s a perfect fit for women who enjoy both styles and want to switch effortlessly between them.

What are the Benefits of Wearing a Wet and Wavy Hair?

  1. It’s Easy to Maintain

Wet and wavy hair is easy to maintain. You only need to wash them frequently, once weekly, to keep them in good shape. With proper maintenance, you must have a top-notch wig for a year or more.

  1. It’s Beautiful

The flex with Luvme Hair’s wet and wavy hair is incredible. One moment you’re wearing it in an adorable wavy style, and the next it’s sleek and straight. A well-selected wet and wavy wig will complement your look no matter the texture.

  1. It’s Natural

Luvme Hair wet and wavy hair comprise 100% human hair, which helps make it feel and look natural on your head. You get to take care of them just like you take care of your natural hair. Don’t worry; its wet and wavy nature doesn’t have complications.

  1. It’s HD Lace

HD lace is also known as undetectable lace. The catch is that this lace melts with your scalp, and it’s almost impossible for people to know it isn’t your natural hairline. Combined with a glueless wet and wavy wig, people will need convincing to understand it’s not your hair.

Who Can Wear Wet and Wavy Hair?

Anyone can wear wet and wavy hair. However, women who buy it love the two textures and want the liberty to wear both. Come to think of it, who doesn’t want to be able to wear two different cute styles at their freedom?

As for demographics, women of all ages can wear it. There are even units for children if they fancy those. All you have to do is to ensure that you help them maintain it well.

How to Use Your Wet and Wavy Wigs?

Using your wet and wavy wigs entails installing and changing textures on them. This section will educate you on how to do both.

  • Installing the Wig

Installing wet and wavy wigs is relatively easy because they’re glueless install. They come with combs and elastic bands, which you’ll use to attach to your head. Get the correct wig type and just wear it like a cap.

Installing it is also fast, and it can even a beginner less than ten minutes to finish the installation. The only thing that can take your time pre-install is if you want to switch the texture. However, changing it anytime you want to wear the wig is unnecessary.

  • Switching the Texture

Purchasing a wet and wavy wig if you don’t know how to change the texture is unnecessary. Switching is an easy process and something even beginners should be able to do with one try. Most wigmakers will include a tutorial on how to do it, but this section will educate you better.

The first thing to do is moisturize the wig with regular water. You can saturate it using a hair spray or dipping it in water. The essential aspect is ensuring that the wig is more drenched in water.

After that, use a hair lotion or cream to seal the moisture into the hair. There are many types on the market, and you should ensure you buy a quality one for human hair. Apply the cream thoroughly to all the parts of the wig.

Scrunch the wig with your hands. Put a handful of the hair in your hands and gently move up and down. This step will ensure that the wig retains the curly texture that you want it to take.

Use quality grease to seal both the moisture and the texture. When you do this, wear the wig for a long time without losing its curly shape. Understand that it’s best to let the wig dry after curling it before you wear it.

  • Caring for the Wig

The next aspect to ensure you enjoy your wig for as long as possible is to care for it well. Like all human hair wigs, a quality wash is the most essential aspect of the care. Wash it well with running lukewarm water using a high-quality shampoo and conditioner. Air dry the wig after the wash and store it well.

You can use heat styling products on the wig, keeping them at the lowest settings. Avoid sleeping with the wig or use it in other strenuous physical activities. Summarily, you should treat the wig like you would your hair.


There aren’t many other wigs that offer you the luxury that wet and wavy wigs offer–the ability to switch to wavy and straight wherever you want. They’re also natural and easy to maintain and style.

Before buying wigs, know the correct ways to use them. This article highlighted the essential things to start with wet and wavy human hair from Luvme Hair.