The OFFICIAL Brum Radio A List with Danny de Reybekill – 31 October

Danny de Reybekill returns for a Halloween edition of the OFFICIAL Brum Radio A-List with a show packed full of brand new local tunes to give you goosebumps in all the right ways.

This week featuring:

MeMe Detroit // Saint Alto // Nineteen97 // Molly // Jaydonclover // Diddy Sweg // Homecamp // D’Stil // Jason Battersby

There’s another new track from our great Featured Album ‘Keep Checking Up On Me’ by Chartreuse

And we have play of the new ROMA COVE track ahead of it’s release next week.

And what will be our new Track of the Week?
You can catch the A-List every Saturday between 2pm and 3pm (UK Time) and it’s repeated Mondays between 7pm and 8pm.
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