Face makeup is quite interesting because you can get very creative with it. The creative process can be fun and daring. Apart from face tattoos and painting escapades, eyelashes are the next big thing about face makeup. There is a wide range of colors, shapes, and lengths you can choose from when looking your best for an event. Now, you do not even need a lash techy to finish off an artistic look. With your eyelash extensions kit and a simple DIY method, you can look your best. This article has helped you streamline your eyelash extensions material to three to make your creative process easy.


Minks are dark-colored carnivorous mammals like weasels and ferrets. They are small wild animals with long bodies and short legs. But they are kept on farms for their furs which are used to make this lash material. It is a natural way to procure eyelash extensions for your creative process. The main challenge is that mink furs are often sourced illegally. Some people kill them against the legal rearing and shaving of their furs to make lashes. Hence, legally sourced mink eyelash materials are both rare and costly. But they are the most preferred choice because they have a lightweight, feathery, and comfortable appearance when used as eyelashes. Other than the mink furs, there are faux mink lashes made of fibers to look like real mink furs. Sometimes, it may be difficult to tell the difference between them.


Silks are natural protein fibers that insects produce. They are very soft and will be unlikely to maintain a shape or curl. That is why the silk used for different eyelash extensions of curls is not silk. They are synthetic fibers that look natural, especially for natural eyelash extensions. Hence, brands that are marketing their eyelash extension products as 100% silk are only referring to synthesized silk material. They are fine, flexible, and mid-weight lash extension material. Hence, lash artists often advise that people with weak and delicate lashes use silk material eyelash extensions. Most clients with fragile natural lashes like this are often older people.


Most synthetic lashes are made from transparent plastic materials called acrylic. Few other synthetic lashes are made up of polybutylene terephthalate (PBT), often used as an insulator in electrical tools. This type of eyelash extension is very firm and sturdy. Hence, their heavyweight makes them less popular.But they are a perfect fit for people with healthy and dense natural lashes. Synthetic lashes have a shiny look that makes them more comical for creative purposes. Its unrealistic and unnatural looks set it apart from other materials when choosing eyelash extension materials.


You can have your eyelash extensions kit at home, which may seem redundant. It is not because you lack creativity or ideas. You probably need help picking some materials that will complement your kit. The material considered in this article is important for a lasting eyelash extension. If having your eyelash extensions at home is problematic, this will help you handle the choice of lash material.