Tips for Dealing with Anxiety Talking to Someone On the Internet

A confident person always looks attractive in a live video chat. But if you do not know how to behave in front of the camera, then others immediately see it. Your feelings of insecurity and fear are transmitted to the interlocutor. To avoid this, you must learn how to deal with anxiety while talking to someone on the Internet. Read this article for more details.

Why Does Anxiety Occur While Chatting Online?

Experts note that there are several main reasons why a person feels anxiety during a random video chat with strangers. These are a lack of practice, self-doubt, fear of a negative assessment, etc. Get a brief description of each reason below.

Lack of Practice

The fear of video chat is primarily caused by a lack of experience. The more often you enter online chatting rooms, the faster you will be able to relax and look natural. Starting websites like chatrandom is easy. The main thing is to be willing to meet new people and have a good time in front of the camera.


When we see ourselves on the screen, we find some flaws and begin to be ashamed of them. Moreover, this is not always a real and often far-fetched complex of a person. Do you feel how this constraint binds you while talking to someone on the Internet? Stiffness is the exact opposite of being natural. Be sure that giving a chance to shackle yourself with complexes, you do not leave a single chance for your interlocutor to know the real you.

Fear of Negative Assessment

Very often, a person begins to worry while communicating with someone on the Internet because he/she is afraid of a negative assessment. Everyone has their own opinion, it can be both positive and negative. It is worth taking the assessment of another person not so seriously.

Own Opinion About Yourself

The reason for the excitement in the video chat room may be your own opinion about yourself. You may not like some features of your appearance or traits of your character. This can make it challenging to communicate with other people both in everyday life and via the Internet.

Dealing with Anxiety in a Few Simple Steps: Helpful Tips from Experts

A lot of people experience anxiety when it comes to talking to someone over the Internet. It is quite normal if you manage anxiety on your own. If you cannot overcome the feeling of anxiety, some useful tips will certainly help you solve the problem.

First of all, experts recommend dealing with the cause of the excitement. Most often, people are afraid to look indecent, say something wrong, or behave incorrectly. A lot of people don’t focus on what they’re talking about. They are worried about how they look on the screen, how their voice sounds, etc. These experiences are distracting and make it difficult to concentrate. Attention becomes scattered, a person begins to forget words, etc. As a result, the interlocutor may not follow the train of thought and lose interest in the conversation.

To gain confidence, you need to understand your own feelings. What exactly is troubling you? Is it a fear of live video chat speaking or a concern about your own appearance? When you establish the cause, it will be easier to focus.

Here are other tips to help you calm down and not be so anxious when communicating with someone over the Internet:

  1. Understand and support yourself. All our inner excitement is in our heads. This means that we can deal with it on our own right here and now. Before starting the random video chat with strangers, try doing a little self-training. Support yourself, positive thoughts will add confidence. Remember your strengths, concentrate on them;
  2. Do not forget about proper breathing. You need to learn how to breathe properly. To implement this, it is recommended to learn breathing techniques that will help cope with fear and anxiety. They will be useful for achieving good health and acquiring a sense of peace;
  3. The right attitude. The right attitude makes it much easier to fight the fear of entering a video chat room. Think in advance about the topics you can talk about with the person. Nice music will also help. Turn on a track that you like, it will cheer you up and cause positive emotions. Choose a well-lit area. Good video quality will also allow you to have a successful online video chat;
  4. Focus on communication. The camera is a great way to establish a connection with the interlocutor. You just need to concentrate on communication and not be distracted by extraneous matters;
  5. Don’t be afraid to make a mistake. Excitement increases the probability of an error and a closed circle turns out. Remember that no person is immune from mistakes in speech, even professional speakers. The best way not to be afraid of mistakes is to perceive them as motivation to develop the ability to get out of difficult situations. It is also very important to remember that it is impossible to please every listener, and mistakes are a great incentive to improve your speaking skills;
  6. Apply relaxation techniques. If you start to feel anxious, you need to be able to relax at the moment. This ability can be learned by using various techniques, meditation, etc. Self-suggestion plays a special role in the process of how to cope with anxiety. It is important to say the following statements: “I feel calm and balanced”, “Nothing can throw me out of balance”, etc. In addition to self-suggestion, you can develop the ability to relax by imagining various pictures. For example, the imagination is able to draw a seashore, blooming gardens, a forest clearing, etc.

So, anxiety during video chat is a fairly common problem. We hope that our tips will help you deal with it successfully!