Tips for Gaining Popularity as a Band

Being a rockstar is a dream for a lot of people. Anyone who has ever played an instrument has probably pictured themselves playing in front of sold out arenas at some stage. It is a very desirable job, but unfortunately not everyone makes it. Whether you do not have the ‘it’ factor or you are just plain unlucky, sometimes it just does not go your way. There are a few things you can do to better your chances, however. If you are looking to gain some momentum as a band or artist, it is definitely worthwhile to try out some of the following tactics.

Boost Your Online Presence

20 years ago, this point would have been useless, but now it is vital for any musician. From Beyonce to the local guys who play in your pub, everyone needs some sort of voice online. Firstly, having a great website is essential. Here you can offer information about the band, gig dates, and a place where people can buy tickets. If you feel as if your website is lacking, digital marketing agencies, such as, can really help boost traffic to your site.

Having an active social media is also key. Show off clips from some of your live shows, maybe even include some backstage content, before and after. This will help showcase your performance to a large-scale audience. It can also allow fans to get more familiar with the members of the group. People will then feel a deeper connection to the band, making them a bigger fan. It also provides the opportunity to show off some artist merchandise.

Befriend Other Artists and Musicians

Unlike other industries, rivalry and competitors are not really as relevant for musicians. A lot of bands and artists tend to work together and support each other. This is not only because they are aware of the struggles, but they can benefit from each other. Artists working together have a lot of upsides. First of all, a collaboration on a song will help merge two fanbases. Not to mention you can make a great song with someone else’s insight mixed with your own. You can also support each other for gigs you might have upcoming. This helps fans discover more music of a similar genre to their favorite artists.

Engage With the Fans

Fan engagement is massive when it comes to making it in music. The most important thing, besides the music you make, is how you perform. You can make some great chart-topping music, but you will only be able to grow so big without being able to perform to a high standard. Try to have your shows energetic, engaging with the fans throughout. Prompt them to sing along, dance, and maybe even come on stage to bolster their experience.

Do not be afraid to engage with fans online either; a like, follow, or message from someone’s favorite artist can really escalate their fandom. Being interactive on your social media will also lead to more followers and more people trying to get a reply from their favorite band.