Top 3 tips on how to match tartan prints in your home

Matching tartan prints in your home can be quite a tall order, especially if you’re already unfamiliar with using patterns. But, not to worry, it’s not as daunting as you may think. Once you know what kind of style you’re wanting to achieve, the rest is as simple as choosing the colours and positions of your tartan pieces within your home.

If you’re still feeling like you need a bit of guidance, then we’re on hand with our top three tips for introducing a wide range of tartan prints into your home.


The easiest way to inject a bit of tartan into your home is by using the pattern as an accent, rather than an overwhelming theme. Accents are subtle nods to a colour or design, that help to add interest into your living space whilst also complimenting the colour scheme nicely.

Whilst an accent wall is a common choice, that may still feel a little bit extreme for those of us with a simpler and more minimalistic taste in interior design. Well not to worry, as there’s other ways to participate in the trend without feeling like you’re going overboard. For example, if your living room is already predominantly dark wood and mahogany-toned leather, then a splash of red tartan in the form of a few scatter cushions across your sofa will do the trick. Alternatively, a tartan throw in similar colours to your already-established colour scheme is a great way to tie things in but still feature this iconic pattern in your home.


When we think of tartan, our minds often only go to reds and browns, with a focus on Christmas pyjamas and ornaments. But this isn’t all there is on offer when it comes to selecting the perfect patterned piece to liven up your décor.

Take a look at your current colour palette and decide whether you want to compliment or clash when you introduce tartan into your home. For a more modern look, light blue or navy tartan is always a good look. The light blue in particular will brighten up your living space, and allow the natural light from the windows to be amplified. This will work best in your bedroom, as a bright pattern or colour will have you feeling energised in the mornings. For a more subtle look, light blue tartan bedding is a great option, and is also easily adaptable if you end up deciding that tartan isn’t for you.


For those of you who are bold in your interior design choices, tartan on its own is sometimes not enough to pique your interest. So, what about matching, or mismatching, your different coloured tartans across the room in question?

There are two routes you can go down here: choose one shade of tartan as your accent wall whilst opting for another in the form of cushions or a rug. The differing colours will maintain the bold look, whilst the continuity of the pattern still brings the room together.

If you’re wanting to go completely rogue, and the concept of ‘overdoing it’ just doesn’t exist in your world, then incorporating tartan into the room in three or more ways could be for you. To keep some kind of coordination in your design choices, we recommend choosing tartan patterns that have at least one colour in common with each other, just so there’s at least one thread to pull the design together.