Top grilled foods

Most people prepare grilled meals during the summer, which is why today, we offer you five top grilled recipes that are very easy to prepare:

  1. . You will never go wrong with this recipe because everyone loves grilled salmon. Mix 125 ml of vinegar and 200 g of apricot jam and cook over medium heat. When it begins to boil, stir until the mixture is even and halves. Coat the grill with oil. Season the salmon fillet and add the pepper. Cook with lid open for 15 to 20 minutes on medium heat until soft. This dish is best served while warm.
  2. is an American grilled specialty that is easy to prepare. These burgers are made in different combinations at the most exclusive restaurants. Fry the bacon in the pan. In a bowl, mix ground beef with little salt and pepper and make four burgers. Grill for 5 minutes each side and season with grated cheese and cook for 3 minutes. Remove burgers from heat and set aside to cool slightly. In a separate pan, fry four eggs together. Take the burger, salad, bacon, two slices of tomato, onion, cucumber, and eggs and place in a bun. Serve with mayonnaise and ketchup as desired.
  3. is prepared very quickly and easily. This is the best barbecue recipe that will delight your friends. Put the onion in oil over a moderate heat on the stove, add the ketchup, chili sauce, sugar, garlic powder, salt, and pepper. Cook the sauce for 5 to 8 minutes, stirring often, and when all the ingredients are combined, the sauce is done. Remove from heat and set aside a small amount of serving sauce. Grease the grill with oil and roast the chicken with the lid closed, on low heat for 15 minutes. Turn the chicken to the other side and coat the sauce every 15 minutes until the chicken is done. Serve the chicken with a small amount of the sauce you previously made.
  4. is the top grilled recipe. Mix the potatoes with olive oil and wrap in foil. Cook on a grill with the lid closed over medium heat for 15 minutes. Using a fork, check that the potatoes are baked. Prepare the sauce by mixing mayonnaise, yogurt, mustard, Tabasco sauce, and salt. Put potatoes and onions an a bowl and mix with the sauce. Serve while warm.
  5. is delicious, quick to prepare, and is fantastic with all the possible accessories. Slice the steak into thicker fillets. Put salt on both sides and coat with olive oil. On a well-heated grill pan, fry the steak on both sides. For medium-sized roast beef, you will need two times for two minutes on each side. The meat must be dry and pink in the middle. Allow the steak to stand for 2 or 3 minutes before serving. Top it with a little olive oil, freshly ground pepper, and plenty of sea salt. Serve with potatoes and salad.

In order to cook the best grilled food, you must purchase a good gas grill. It is important to look at some of the small grill reviews before you buy one.