Top Tips To Help You Choose Perfect Ladies’ Bracelets Every Time

Choosing a gift can be difficult. It doesn’t matter how well you think you know someone, when faced with a row of sparkling bracelets you can flounder. Considering the stunning array of ladies’ bracelets’ available on the internet and in stores across Birmingham, a little apprehension is a good thing.

Fortunately, the following tips will help.

Look Around First

Head to the shops and take a look at the various options on offer. You may find one simply jumps out at you. That’s a good starting point. But, don’t make a decision yet. You’ll want to take a look at the impressive ladies’ bracelets online. This is where you’ll find some of the latest and most innovative designs.

You’re virtually certain to see something your lady will love. In many cases, it’s worth simply going with your gut on this.

But, you should take a moment to consider the other essential points when shopping for ladies’ bracelets.

Their Style

New bracelet designs are constantly arriving on the market making it impossible to create a complete list of possible bracelets. But, you can take a look at your lady’s current selection of jewellery. Even if they don’t currently have a bracelet, their choice of earrings and rings will highlight their style.

For example, if they tend to go with sparkly earrings in silver then the bracelet should reflect the same qualities.

Recognise The Bracelet Style

It can help to narrow your search if, when you look at what jewellery and bracelets they currently wear, you recognise the bracelet style.

  • Beaded

Beaded bracelets will have plenty of pearls and other types of beads. They are generally slimline and will dangle slightly, allowing them to move on her arm and capture the light. It helps the beads to look their best and they can best be described as very feminine.

  • Bangle

A bangle is a much simpler bracelet. These also have a little room, allowing them to move up and down the arm. But, they are usually plain. That’s one colour all the way around, although this can be any colour you choose.

The most popular are gold, silver, and platinum. These ladies’ bracelets are great for engraving messages on and can be worn all the time.

  • Cuff

The cuff bracelet sits close to the wrist, it doesn’t move easily. These are generally plain bracelets with a special feature. It can be a shape or a set of jewels. It’s eye-catching but also subtle. That makes it great for any occasion.

  • Statement

A statement bracelet tells people to look at it, making sure all eyes are on the lady. These are generally wide, complex pieces, with plenty of colour. They complement simple outfits to ensure the attention is where it needs to be.

Check The Size

Don’t forget to look at the size of the ladies’ bracelet and consider the size of your lady’s wrist. The two need to be similar if you want it to be comfortable and look great.

If you follow the above tips and purchase good quality ladies’ bracelets, you can’t go wrong.