What are the main hobbies for young Brits today?

For many of us, a hobby is more than an activity – it’s essential for achieving a healthy work-life balance. With emotional burnout affecting a huge number of British young adults, it’s more important than ever that we invest our spare time wisely. Of course, popular pursuits tend to change with every generation. So, what are the key hobbies for Millennials and members of Gen Z? Let’s find out…

What defines a Millennial and Gen Z-er?

There seems to be a lot of confusion around the difference between Millennials and Gen Z-ers – so, which age group does each represent? As the name suggests, “Millennials” describes anyone born between 1980 to the mid-1990s. Generation Z, on the other hand, represents the age group that follows. It’s widely believed that both groups express less traditional views than their predecessors – and they certainly enjoy different hobbies to them.


Bouldering seems to be the activity of the decade – and it’s particularly popular among young Brits. Why? It could be because it combines a physical and mental workout. It could also be down to the fact that it doesn’t involve the aesthetic pressures that can come from visiting the gym.

Video Gaming

It’s unsurprising that playing video games is a favourite past time among many young Brits. After all, Millennials and members of Gen Z have grown up during the advancement of video games. So, it’s small wonder that many young adults like to partake in this era-defining hobby.

City Breaking

Not long ago, city breaks were considered a luxury, available only for those with heaps of time and money. Thanks to cheap air fares, however, city breaks can now be enjoyed by more people than ever. And young, single Brits are seizing the opportunity to travel for less, with many young professionals heading to foreign climes on weekends and days off.


Have you heard of upcycling? If not, it’s likely that you soon will. Put simply, it involves the enhancement of an item – say clothes or furniture – to fit either the up-cycler’s or buyer’s personal tastes. And it’s huge among Millennials and members of Gen Z. Given its creative focus and sustainable benefits, it’s easy to see why.

This hobby doesn’t just help the planet – it can boost your bank account, too. Unsurprisingly, Millennials and Generation Z-ers are well known for being strong money savers, taking plenty of time to consider all the financial options available.

Sharing (online)

It’s practically impossible to mention the words “Millennial” and “Generation Z” without discussing social media. Platforms like Instagram and Snapchat play a big role in most young Brits’ lives. Within recent years, these sites – especially Instagram – have seen a rise in people sharing their work. And no, we don’t just mean photos. Millennials and Gen Z-ers today are using social media to share their poetry, short stories and general musings on life.

Whatever a person’s age group, regularly engaging in a hobby can greatly affect our mood, as well as our confidence. Who knows what members of the next generation will prefer to do in their spare time?