What to look for when choosing running capris for women

Choosing the best running capris requires much patience and research. While all capris are apparently the same, there are some little details that make a difference in how comfortable the wearer feels when working out. This article compiles 5 features to look for when shopping for the best running leggings for women.

1. Moisture absorption

Being tight on skin, capris limit the free circulation of air. This can lead the wearer to feel extremely hot and sweat a lot. If you don’t want to face such issues, you have to choose a material that absorbs the excess sweat and dries fast. Higher-quality fabric obviously comes at a higher cost, but it ensures you don’t struggle with rivers of moisture running across your legs, which ultimately makes you feel uncomfortable and compromises your performance.

2. Lightweight

If you buy the leggings for running purposes, they have to be extremely light. A thicker material may keep you warm, but it will weigh you down in the middle of your running session. You will get tired faster, which will reduce your speed and affect your running results. Moreover, a thicker fabric means less mobility for your legs. You will have a harder time doing stretching and your running leap will be shorter, due to the fabric’s enhanced resistance. It’s better for you to focus on light running capris for women. In this way, you guarantee more flexibility and comfort for your legs.

3. Anti-odor technology

Intense running comes with high production and release of sweat that once it interacts with nasty microorganisms on your skin, gets smelly. You can get rid of this issue, by wearing a pair of capris with anti-odor technology. Anti-odor technology can be based either on silver ions or antimicrobial chemicals, like Triclosan. These compounds weaken, block or kill the bacteria from your skin, preventing it from mixing with the sweat. When the sweat has no bacteria in its composition, it doesn’t smell. All those antimicrobial technologies integrated in the leggings’ fabric are costly, so you have to be ready to spend more money on anti-odor capris. But it’s definitely worth it.

4. No-slip waistband

One of the most annoying situations when running in capris is seeing them sliding down every 5 minutes, having you stop to adjust them, which ruins your running rhythm. And this doesn’t have to do with the capris’ fit, as many people might think. Extra tight leggings may also slide down, if their waistband isn’t firm enough. To prevent getting annoyed by the weak waistband during your running session, focus on a high-rise no-slip waistband technology that keeps the running capris for women always in place.

5. Small side pocket

A side pocket is not a necessary element of capris, but it can make your running experience more convenient. You can fit in it your phone, keys, headphones, hydrating lipstick or other small stuff. In this way, you will not have to run with your smartphone in your hand, being always at risk of dropping it on the ground.