Yardbirds Chicken to be an Official Vendor at The Ryder Cup 2023!

Birmingham’s very own fried chicken icons Yardbirds will be heading to Rome, Italy, to sling their juicy fried chicken at The Ryder Cup 2023, the prestigious international golf tournament.

The Ryder Cup, known for its world-class competition, will take place at Marco Simone Golf & Country Club in Rome, Italy, from 25th September to the 1st October. Yardbirds will be serving up their signature filthy fried chicken burgers, crispy chicken strips and tantalising sides that have made them a staple in the Birmingham street food scene. Fans and golf enthusiasts will have the chance to savour their mouthwatering chicken creations whilst enjoying the thrilling action on the green. Golf and good food have always been a dynamic pairing, and Yardbirds aim to bring their absolute a-game when it comes to their food. 

Having earned their reputation through their exceptional quality, flavours, and commitment to fried chicken excellence, Yardbirds have become a beloved name among food lovers and chicken enthusiasts alike, with a focus on using fresh ingredients and a visible passion for their craft. Spending a day at The Ryder Cup 2023 will be even more memorable as Yardbirds bring their delectable menu to the event, leaving all taste buds satisfied.

About Yardbirds

Yardbirds are a restaurant and street food trader specialising in all-American fried chicken. The company began on the street food circuit, where it gained notoriety for its perfectly seasoned and crispy fried chicken dishes. After years of serving hungry customers at events, festivals, and private parties, Yardbirds opened its own restaurant in Stirchley, Birmingham in November 2022.