10 Mistakes to Avoid when Renovating a Home on a budget

Renovating your home can seem difficult. Who would have thought that you could make your living space look nicer without breaking the bank? The best part of home renovations is that you can do it yourself! To save on money and time, we’ve compiled a list of 10 easy, affordable mistakes to avoid when renovating a home.

The information in this article is universal – however, as we love Birmingham so much, the resources we link to tend to favour Birmingham businesses.

1. Using a Favourite Paint Colour That Doesn’t Match Your Decor

Sometimes, when you are in the thick of renovations, it can be tempting to use a paint colour that you really like. However, if it doesn’t blend well with the rest of your decor, you could be left with an ugly room. Take the time to find a colour that matches your home well.

2. Purchasing Cheap or Damaged Furniture

Buying furniture on a budget can be hard, but it is also important to get something of good quality. Purchasing cheaply made furniture is never worth the frustration you will encounter in the future. If you do not know anything about whether or not a piece of furniture is of good quality, don’t buy it. Better safe than sorry!

There are times when it makes sense to reuse furniture, particularly if the item has been upcycled. In Birmingham, we are lucky enough to have Upcycle Birmingham a social enterprise committed to selling low-cost furniture that has been given a second life.

3. Using Cheap Materials to Build Walls

If you are building your own kitchen, office, or bedroom, it is important to use strong, durable materials to build walls. There are plenty of cheap materials that have the potential to break or crack. Before you buy cheap paint or wallpaper, ask yourself if you would be willing to live with the results!

4. Ignoring flooring

While renovating your home, it is easy to forget the details. However, flooring is one of those details that can be vital. Flooring can be incorporated into the design of the room, or it simply provides a stable surface to walk on. In the renovation of the Cornwall Buildings in Birmingham, you can see how a wood floor enhances the overall aesthetics of a room.

If you are planning on installing a new wood floor with a lacquer finish or a luxury carpet, you must make provisions for this in your budget!

5. Not Preparing Your Home for Painting

If you are about to paint your home for the first time ever, make sure you have all of the necessary tools on hand. You will not want to run out of paint halfway through painting your home! If your supplies are not prepared before painting begins, it could be disastrous!

6. Buying Expensive Materials for Quick Fixes

If you are planning to install a few cheap tiles in your bathroom or kitchen, buy the cheap stuff! It is tempting to spend extra money on top-of-the-line materials. However, if you plan on getting changes done within the next 5-10 years, it is not worth it.

7. Making Cheap Upgrades to Small Spaces

There are plenty of small upgrades that can make a space look better. Whether it be adding new pillows or cleaning out your closets, renovating small spaces can be key! However, never use cheap materials for these upgrades; they will end up looking worse than before you started!

8. Not Telling Your Contractor About Your Budget

Before you can renovate your home, you will need to find a contractor. To make sure that you do not end up overspending, tell your contractor about your budget. If you leave this information out of the equation, contractors can be tempted to use top-of-the-line materials that end up costing more than the job was worth!

9. Waiting Too Long to Hire a Professional

When you are renovating a home, there are often things that take longer than expected. To make sure that everything goes as planned, hire a professional! This means hiring a qualified tradesperson; we are lucky that the selection in Birmingham is so varied; you can search online using RatedPeople.com.

10. Not Planning Ahead for Renovations

Renovating your home can be challenging. If you do not take your time and plan ahead, knowing the correct order work needs to be completed and the associated costs will be unknown.

If you are planning to renovate your home in the near future, make sure that these mistakes are not made! Before starting any renovations, take stock of your tools and overall budget to ensure that you stay on track. If you do not follow these guidelines, you could be left with a decorator’s nightmare!