4 Lifestyle Factors That Might Be Impacting Your Sex Life

Unhealthy lifestyle habits impact your sex life significantly. It may lead to various sexual problems, and in some cases, infections. Have you noticed a negative change in your bedroom performance? Here are four lifestyle factors that might be impacting your sex life.

  1. Lack of exercise

Besides keeping you fit and healthy, frequent exercise improves your sex life drastically. By exercising, you improve blood circulation throughout the body, including the areas you feel the most sexual pleasure. This, in turn, leads to increased arousal in women and a stronger erection for men. Therefore, a lack of exercise can lead to decreased stamina, less arousal, and trouble maintaining an erection. It also leads to weight gain, which can cause issues of erectile dysfunction in men. A few hours of exercise is all you need to keep up in the sheets.

  1. Bad dietary habits

Refined carbs, sugars, saturated fats, and trans fats slow down your body’s energy and blood circulation. This affects your sexual performance as well. Instead of loading up on junk food, you should consider adding more fruits and vegetables to your meals. Plant-based proteins such as nuts and beans are excellent sources of energy, which you would need to make your sex life more fulfilling. Be sure to stay clear from foods containing high levels of sodium. Eating foods containing high salt and sodium levels leads to high blood pressure, which reduces your libido. It is advisable to replace salt with herbs and spices to add flavour to your meals.

  1. Smoking

Besides causing health dangers such as cardiovascular disease, smoking can also affect your libido. In women, smoking may cause a delay in lubricating before intercourse and in reaching an orgasm. For men, the toxins in a cigarette can kill sperm and cause erectile dysfunction. To avoid these negative impacts on your sex life, you may have to consider quitting smoking. If this is challenging, you should consider consulting your doctor for help. Many ex-smokers have testified to experiencing a drastic and positive change to their sex life once they gave up smoking.

  1. Excessive drinking

A habit of excessive consumption of alcohol can negatively impact your sex life. This is because alcohol affects your hormones, which reduces your sexual responses. For women, regular consumption of alcohol causes delayed or weak orgasms and less lubrication during sex. In men, chronic drinking can lead to erectile dysfunction. You can buy Sildenafil tablets, also known as generic Viagra, to help improve your sex life. An unhealthy drinking habit may cause you ro make risky sexual decisions frequently. Risky sexual decisions can, for example, involve having intercourse without protection. This would mean exposing yourself to sex-threatening consequences such as sexually transmitted infections. With an increase in STDs after lockdowns have lifted, locating a clinic near you and getting some health checks, such as a Gonorrhea test, might be worth considering for the peace of mind before you embark on any new relationship.

It is vital to make some changes to your lifestyle to enjoy healthy and exciting sex life, and don’t forget that a healthy sex life can also include foreplay, to help spice things up why not try sex toys or sprays. It would be best if you cut down on these unhealthy lifestyle habits outlined above. Be sure to consult your doctor for more information about your sex life.