Tyre Replacement – How to know whether to repair or replace?

For the most part, for safety, it is recommended that you always opt to replace your tyres when they need it. But are there any occasions when you would be better off having tyres repaired, rather than replaced? Let us take a look.

Nearly New

If you have recently paid up for a brand new set of premium tyres, but one of the set has suffered a puncture – run over a nail, for example, or suffered from an act of vandalism – then you could consider just having the damaged tyre repaired. Make sure that the damage is small enough that it can be repaired without impairing the structural integrity of the tyre, and that the repair will stand up to the rigours of driving, and can be properly inflated without weakness.

About to Go

If you are selling your car, why must you carry the brunt of the cost of four brand new tyres, just to hand them over to a stranger who will often be wary of claims about tyres being new! Pop a patch on the tyre and let the new owner fit replacement tyres, which many will do automatically upon the purchase of a new-to-them vehicle!

Purchase Planned

If you have booked your new tyres, and have a fitting session for a couple of weeks’ time, but find yourself with an unexpected problem on one tyre, you could easily justify patching the tyre up to get you to the booking session. Few people who drive can do without it for more than a day or two, so making sure you stay on the road for the lowest possible price is only sensible!

When to Replace

  • If you have any of the following issues:
  • Visible large-scale damage to the tyres
  • Worn through rubber, showing radial belts and internal wiring
  • Tread depth that is no longer legal (below 1.6mm)
  • Numerous previous repairs

Whenever required, you really should consider replacing your tyres with the best possible tyres that you can afford. While repairs can make these tyres drivable, it is likely to be a temporary solution to an ongoing and increasingly expensive problem – one that will result in your purchasing new tyres in the end! Bite the bullet and do it sooner, rather than later! If you’re planning to buy new tyres online, then do visit Dartford Tyres, or simply shop online from their complete range of tyre brands.