4 New Career Ideas

All of us at some point consider a change of career. Sometimes it is when we are still in school or college and have an idea of a path but decide that maybe it isn’t the right one. Most of the time it is after we have been on a career path for a while and realise that it is time for a change.

But making that change isn’t easy. There are lots of things to consider and for most of us, there are still bills to be paid while we are making this big change. That means it is often necessary to do some training alongside an existing job before making the switch. So, what kind of new career ideas can be done alongside an existing job and that could lead to a new and interesting occupation?

Training in office administration

One of the great things about training in office administration is there are so many paths that this opens up for you. You can look to go into being a receptionist, a personal assistant, an executive assistant or even specialise in a range of roles within the general office admin umbrella.

But how do you know if it is right for you? If you have good organisational skills, then you have a good starting point. You will also need good communication skills, both written and verbal to work with others in the business and outside it. Skills like filing, typing, research and customer service skills can all be taught.

Training in banking careers

There are lots of careers in banking and the financial sector that are ideally suited for people with a strong head for numbers and excellent organisational skills. From starting out working in a bank as a customer service assistant through to specialist roles such as a stockbroker or risk management, there are plenty of roles to follow.

But how do you know if it is right for you? If you are aiming for a higher level banking job, you will definitely need some qualifications. Corporate investment bankers, for example, have a university degree. Other roles need fewer qualifications and there are often entry-level roles you can aim for. Communication, customer service and problem-solving skills are important alongside attention to detail.

Training in IT careers

IT or information technology careers remain one of the fastest-growing sectors in the UK and that means if you have a love for technology, are proficient at using or learning computer skills or simply want to train it these areas, there are lots of career paths to follow.

But how do you know if it is right for you? A degree in computer sciences may be needed for higher level roles but a lot of the time, you can get started on this career path with previous computer-based experience. In fact, some companies prefer to offer on the job training so they can train you in exactly how they do things. Many industries also use IT professionals including healthcare, finance and even other businesses. This means there are plenty of options.

Training to run your own business

Another huge area of growth is people starting their own business, becoming entrepreneurs. While this isn’t for everyone, it is a route to consider if you are self-motivated, organised and love a challenge. There are also lots of training options to help you run your business, using skills you already have as a basis.

But how do you know if it is right for you? It is a good option to work alongside an existing full-time job until it reaches the point of being a good enough source of income to stop full-time work. You can start a business in any one of hundreds of different industries and find a niche that involves something you love and that you can make money from. Formal training isn’t needed as you are your own boss, but business training is definitely a good idea.