The Head of Steam menu review

Prior to last week, my only taste of any food at The Head of Steam on Temple Street was a bit of pizza at my Christmas gathering, so a chance to check out their full menu was something I was looking forward to.

For those who have not yet visited, Head of Steam is a craft beer bar in the heart of town. The venue is decorated with all kinds of rail memorabilia, neon signs, and steam engine murals – which is apt for a city that perfected steam power!

The large central bar is quite beautiful and restaurant seating is at the back of the bar, reminiscent of old train carriages complete with luggage area.

After testing three mild ales I ordered a tasty pint of Northern Monk ‘Eternal’, and at 4.1% it’s a great session IPA.

The menu is pretty extensive for a bar/pub with a large selection of burgers, pizza, kebabs and pies to name but a few.

As I was seated, there was already a busy atmosphere, this was, I presume a build up for the quiz later on in the evening with a few large groups of office workers sat near by.

At £6.50, this surely has to be the best value for money starter in whole of city.

I fancied a chicken burger so to begin I ordered the Alright Chuck. This consists of buttermilk smoky paprika fried chicken with chimichurri, US cheese sauce, and pickle mayo. The melted cheese was delicious, it coated the tender chicken fillet, add the soft sweet bun, gherkin and was worth savouring. I have to say this is up there with Rebel Chicken’s burgers on taste and satisfaction and I would 100% order this again. The fries with skins on were great too, you get a real feed here.

Next up came the Jumbo Chicken Wings. The six jumbo buttermilk fried wings are coated in paprika and herb crumb, topped with sriracha sauce. Utterly moreish and extremely hot. The heat added to the enjoyment, with a spicy kick, crunchy batter, sesame seeds and garnish with a soft succulent chicken beneath. At £6.50, this surely has to be the best value for money starter in whole of city. It was quite filling and immensely flavoursome. Something else I would order again and highly recommend to anyone who likes their wings.

The big Head of Steam finale was the Meat Feast Pepperoni pizza with maple bacon, chorizo, and pulled beef on a tomato and basil base with mozzarella, topped with smoky mayo. I managed a quarter and whilst a real meaty treat, I had the rest boxed for later. The quality of food coming out of the kitchen that day is supreme and a real eye opener for a bar which you would think specialises only in beer, well think again because this is my new go-to in town for a fill.

The staff are friendly, helpful and knowledge. You don’t have to wait long for the food, everything is clean and the dishes piping hot.

I also enjoyed the music selection and there was a bit of ska playing as I left, it was nice to hear plenty of locals preparing for the quiz and a sign the Head of Steam has been swiftly embraced by the thirsty (and hungry) people of Brum.

A perfect choice for a relaxed evening of food and drink near to New Street station.

Full menu can be viewed here.

Words by Nick Byng for Grapevine Birmingham.