Things to Consider While Pairing Food and Wine

For thousands of years, the wine industry is booming exponentially. Wines are prepared with great delicacy, and each of them has distinct flavors. According to science, taking wine with specific food helps in boosting its benefit and its characteristics. Restaurants also serve food with their ideal wine combination.

There is no rocket science when it comes to finding the right combination of wine and food. There are specific pointers that you need to keep in mind while pairing them together.

Perfect Food and Wine Combination

  • Local pairings: One should pair the wine and food that belongs to the same region to get the perfect combination. As it says, things that grow together will go together. Always have Pinot Noir Wines with duck. Italian wine goes great with Italian cuisines.
  • Structure versus power: One can see that the pairings are made based on the flavor combination, but the structural combination is also essential. One can see that certain red wines have a high content of tannic. Make sure you are combining it with red meat because it helps to reduce the tannic flavor present in the red wine.

So now this combination will make the wine more approachable and softer and will not affect the wine’s flavor. If the meat is rarer, then it will help in reducing the tannic’s effect in wine.

  • Match the weights: While pairing the food and wine, it is essential to match their weight. Red wine makes you feel fuller as it contains a high level of alcohol and is heavier in comparison to that of white wine.

Always have red wine with red meat. If you have dense food, then never pick a light wine. There needs to be a perfect synchronization between weight and power.

  • Freshness: While pairing food with wine always pick out a wine that has more acid content if you don’t want the wine to feel lifeless or flat. In most wines, you can find a good acidity level but double-check the food pairing if it has tomato sauce or citrus fruits in it. If you have tomato sauce, then go for Italian wine. According to, red wine is good for gut bacteria.
  • Spicy food: It gets tricky while pairing spicy food with wine. If the food contains heat and exotic spices, then it will aggravate the alcohol’s flavor. With spicy food always pair slightly sweet or light white wine to get the best flavor.
  • Sweet Tooth: Even sugary foods with creamy texture and acidity can be paired with wine. In comparison to the dessert always pick a wine which is less sweet. If the dessert is drier or lighter than the wine, then the wine will come out as unpleasant, flat and bitter.


You can always try the existing pairing of food and wine to go in the right direction. One can experiment to get the right flavors for their taste buds. The flavor of wine or food must not dominate the other one.