4 Ways to Save Money on Office Running Costs

You would have to be living under a rock not to be fully aware, as indeed be experiencing, the troubling and unstable economic times the rest of the United Kingdom is currently living through, and as the manager or owner of a business, you will be wanting to save money wherever you can.

With this in mind, continue reading to discover the top four ways to save money on office running costs, for both the short and the long term.

  1. Only Use Energy Efficient Lighting

A mind-boggling forty percent of energy costs relating to a traditional office-based business goes on lighting the space alone and, as such, you should first pay close attention to how you light the office.

Smart thinking needs to apply across the board here and replacing all your older, filament incandescent lightbulbs with modern energy-saving LEDs, halogens, or CFLs will make an almost instantaneous difference. Additionally, motion sensor lighting along the corridors, in the staffroom, and both bathrooms will also mean you are only paying to light the room when it is in use.

What is more, if you choose to rent your office space in st albans instead of buying the property outright, there may well be additions and changes to be made to the rental agreement, especially if you are only occupying and paying for part of a larger commercial building.

  1. Focus on the Kitchen

Naturally, the larger the kitchen and staff room in your office building, the more power and energy it will use and, therefore, the larger contribution it will make to your monthly and annual bills.

The following tips to apply to how you run, use, and maintain your office kitchen will certainly help to keep those costs to a minimum:

  • Only use insulated cooking equipment.
  • Only use the dishwasher when it is full.
  • Make sure everyone switches off the microwave after using it.
  • Conduct regular maintenance checks on the efficiency of each electrical item.
  1. Encourage Every Employee to Help

When it comes to saving energy and, therefore, money for your business, there is virtually no point in you and any other senior managers and heads of departments doing all they can, when your employees themselves are not aware of the new, energy-saving policies.

Invest in eye-catching visual literature informing employees on what to do from now on, always strive to at least mention the energy-saving efforts in every monthly company meeting, and make it clear that the heating and air-conditioning will both be set a fixed temperature, so they need to be dressing appropriately.

  1. Drastically Reduce Paper Usage

The fourth tip to quickly and effectively reduce the cost of running your office is to move to technology and computers to store and use your company data and information and use less and less paper.

Reducing paper usage will not only benefit the business in terms of costs but will also serve to lower your company’s carbon footprint and afford you the bonus of informing your clients that you are a forward-thinking and environmentally friendly company to do business with.