Why Digital Signage is a Perfect Marketing Tool for Your Business

The short answer is that marketing with paper posters has been effective since the days when cave persons were painting on walls, and digital signs are the same as posters but better. If you can print it out and put it on your wall, then you can create a digital version and put it on your digital sign. Yet, the digital sign does so much more. It can have audio, visuals, it can be interactive and it can even link up with people’s phones to help extend its use further into the digital realm. Digital signage is important for marketing because it is such a versatile and powerful tool.

Putting Up Posters

As mentioned in the introduction, a digital sign can take the same role as a poster, but it can do it better, especially when you consider that you can change your poster every few minutes rather than with a paper poster that you change every few weeks. Plus, don’t forget that your digital signs are lit up, which your paper posters are not. Plus, the cost savings alone are enough to justify the use of digital signs over posters. Sure, you have to pay to power them, but it is a fraction of the cost of designing and printing posters for your business.

Running Video Adverts On Your Digital Signs

One of the most common uses for digital signs is to run video ads on them. You get the added benefit of attracting attention with movement and sound, and your ads have a higher chance of converting people into customers. You still have to create very good ads, but that is true of all marketing efforts.

Running Videos On Your Digital Signs

Sometimes, having advertisements on your signs is not the smartest move. For example, there are veterinary waiting rooms that run infotainment on their digital signs. They teach people about their pets and their potential problems, such as fleas and ticks, and then offer solutions to these problems with products and services that the vet’s clinic offers. Some people run demonstration videos on their digital signs to help sell a product by teaching people about them. Others run tutorials on their digital signs because sometimes you can make a sale by showing people how easy something is to use (and showing them how effective the item is when used).

Taking Orders From Customers

Another common use of digital signs is to take orders and help customers complete their transactions. McDonald’s has popularized this idea by having their menu placed on digital signs, and then allowing people to make their order and pay for it using the digital sign. This may not be the most overt marketing tool, but its own existence is a draw for the customers. People who visit these branches of McDonalds know that they will not be stood in line waiting to talk to the clerk. They know they can walk in make, their order, get their number, and wait to collect their food. 

You Can Schedule Content

If you use a system like Kitcast, you can schedule content to appear at whatever time intervals you like. This is a perk by its own merits, and it also means you can experiment more with your market research. You can run different ads at different times and on different days and measure how effective they are based on how many sales you get. It allows you to repeatedly measure how many sales that each advertisement earns. This allows you to separate your good campaigns from the ones that are under-performing. You may even use this information to highlight and improve the ads that work, and to improve or discard the ads that do not increase sales.