5 Best Makeup Apps for Android

Google Play Store is a marketplace for millions of apps for Android. From various utility apps to apps to keep you entertained, you will find gazillions of choices here to do almost anything you could wish for on your Android devices like phones and tablets. Among these apps, you also get options that let you apply virtual makeup on your face. That’s right; if you are looking for best free makeup app for Android, there are tonnes of options that you will get on Play Store.

These makeup apps for Android are usually feature rich and let you be a digital makeup artist. From applying different layers and types of makeup on face, styling hair, and trying virtual jewellery, these apps let you do almost anything that is possible in the real world when it comes to makeup and styling.

Although there are tonnes of options available out there, only a selected few of these makeup apps are worth trying and good at what they do. In this article, we are going to take a look at the selected best makeup apps for Android in brief. Just checkout the features available in these apps, then download and try out the ones that fit your requirement.

MakeupPlus – Your Own Virtual Makeup Artist

One of the best makeup apps available on Android, MakeupPlus has been created with the help of industry’s best professionals like makeup artists and photographers. Here, you can not just try out different looks created by the professionals, you can also create your own signature looks. Try out different shades of face makeup, lipsticks, foundation, eyeliners, highlighters, and more to apply realistic makeup effects on your face. You can also change your hair color, and try out the AR feature to put on different accessories virtually as you style yourself using this app.

Make-Up Me

Make-Up Me is quite a different app from other conventional makeup apps available on the play store. What sets it apart from the other apps is that it is not primarily a makeup app, but a makeup game. Yes, here, you get a preloaded virtual face on which you can carry out your makeup experiments on your own. All you need to do is begin with selecting the skin tone of the virtual model’s face. Once that is done, you can go ahead and apply all sorts of makeup on it. Design her hair, apply eyeliner, put up lipstick of your choice, apply foundation, and do much more. Once you are done with the makeup, you can even submit your makeup design for Best Makeup of the Week challenge.

YouCam Makeup-Magic Selfie Cam & Virtual Makeovers

YouCam gives you the option to use its selfie cam to click pictures instantly and begin applying makeup to it. The app features an AR makeup option using which you can instantly try on several looks on your own face. Makeup products from hundreds of beauty brands are available for you to try on. The live Makeup Cam feature lets you put on several looks live, using which you can click a picture in your favorite pose. Put on lipstick, lip art, eye liner, eye lashes, and more. You also get the option to style and color your hair, and on top of that, you can also try on several accessories like glasses, hats, jewellery, and more.

Princess Makeup Salon

Another makeup game for Android, Princess Makeup Salon is quite a popular makeup app for Android with millions of downloads. In this app, you can apply makeup and style a virtual model from head to toe. Choose from different model faces and skin tones to begin with. After that, begin applying makeup to the face, dress up the model, add accessories, and do much more.

YouFace Makeup – Makeover Studio

Apply makeup and touch up to your selfies in one tap with YouFace Makeup. From applying simple makeup to trying out advanced makeup, you can do whatever you want on this app. Choose from different face makeup options, change your hairstyle or hair color, try out cosplay options, or try on different types of accessories, the options are endless in this app.