Effective Tips & Tricks to Use a Smokeless Grill

We all wanted to enjoy a nice & delish grilled meal from time to time and ended up firing the barbeque, but to find out that the propane tanks were almost empty.

Although grilling outside with the family can be a lot of fun at times but constantly going through the hassle to refill the propane tanks is a waste of valuable time and energy. Especially during the winter, when it is twice as hard to fire up the barbeque and get the grill up and running.

This is where the smokeless grill comes in. A smokeless grill is an indoor electric grill that eliminates the harmful smokes produced from grilling and searing foods at high temperatures.

In this article, we’ll be discussing why you need a smokeless grill, how it works and how you can maintain it.

Why Do You Need a Smokeless Grill?

If you’re one of those people who love to barbecue and enjoy a healthy grilled meal but don’t always have the time and energy to fire up the grill then a smokeless grill is the one for you.

Traditional outdoor grills are a thing of the past nowadays. There’s a certain health factor involved with indoor grills also, since outdoor grills put up a lot of smoke that can be harmful for people with asthma and breathing issues. Having a smokeless grill around will surely make things easier and provide the necessary health and flavor benefits.

It’s also important to understand which smokeless grill would suit your needs the most. Many people go through a tough time choosing the right smokeless grill for their homes only ending up buying the wrong one. You have to know how to choose the ideal smokeless grill that will benefit you in the long run.

How Does a Smokeless Grill Work?

A smokeless grill mostly depends on its Turbo-Speed Smoke Extractor Technology, that filters out the excess smoke produced by the grill.

There’s a water tray underneath the grill, and once you pour 2 cups of water in the tray, it absorbs the leftover smoke during grilling. As a result, it leaves very little smoke residue on the grills & griddle plates and you get a complete smokeless cooking experience.

Since the Smoke Extractor Technology removes all the smoke from the grill, it does not trigger the fire alarms while being used indoors. It also reduces the chances of using propane refills or charcoal smoker, and creates an eco friendly environment within the homestead.

What Are the Features of a Smokeless Grill?

There are different types of smokeless grills suitable for different cooking methods. Each type specializes in different methods of cooking but pretty much all of them have closely related features. They mostly differ from each other by design and size.

Capacity & Design

Most smokeless grills available in the market are of 13.5/8 & 1500 watts and have the capacity to fit four large steaks, six burgers, or eight pieces of chicken at one go.

A smokeless grill evenly transmits heat upto 450°F to the grilling plate. It has a dripping tray underneath that holds the excess fat and oil, making your meal delicious yet healthy.

A smokeless grill is designed to have removable parts so cleaning and maintenance gets easier and quicker. The best part of the grills design is the interchangeable plates, which helps to cook with more efficiency. While the grill plate is used to cook meat or veggies, the griddle plate is used to cook pancakes or eggs.

Turbo Speed Smoke Extractor Technology

The traditional outdoor grills give off a lot of smoke, which might bring flavor to your meal but can also be harmful at times. The smoke extraction system underneath the indoor grill removes the excess smoke in two ways – the fans filter out all the smoke from the atmosphere and the pan of water absorbs any remaining smoke, food particles, grease, & other airborne molecules.

Nonstick Surface

Although many people love the classic cast iron pan for grilling meat or veggies, it is very hard to clean. Scrubbing, scraping and hand drying a cast iron is very difficult and can take much time to finish.

In the smokeless grill, the grills and griddle plates are covered in ceramic-tech non stick coating, making it easier to clean.

How to Use a Smokeless Grill?

It is very easy to set up a smokeless grill once you get the hang of it. You have to remove the dripping tray, heating element, and grill plate. After putting two cups of water in the water tray/pan, you have to reassemble.

It is important to make sure the grill is resting on a flat surface preventing grease leaking out. After attaching the power cord, press the fan button to turn on the fan and the power button to turn on the grill. To control the heat settings use the up & down buttons.

Now you are all set and ready to cook your first grilled meal without any inconvenience.

What Can be Cooked with a Smokeless Grill?

Using a smokeless grill, you can cook pretty much anything and everything that you cook on a traditional outdoor grill. Starting from a juicy porterhouse & BBQ ribs to veggies, chicken & shrimp, all will be grilled to perfection.

Since the smokeless grill can be used indoors, it gives you an added advantage of cooking all year round without worrying about the weather outside.

You can even grill fruits using a smokeless grill. Since it removes the harmful smoke that emits while grilling, the fruit’s flavor remains intact. You can enjoy healthy and freshly grilled fruits without worrying about any side effects.

How to Clean a Smokeless Grill?

Among other benefits that a smokeless grill provides, the cleaning process is the most noteworthy. A smokeless grill is designed in such a creative way that it makes cleaning relatively easy.

Since the grill & griddle plates, dripping tray, water tray and glass lid are easily removable and dishwasher proof, no scrubbing or scraping is needed to clean them off.

It is recommended to wait for at least 30 mins to let the grill cool off before cleaning it. After unplugging the power cord, the base unit is to be washed with warm, damp cloth using cleaning liquid. Do not use any abrasive pads or harsh cleaners on the grill & griddle plates, use plastic scrubbing pad instead.


Sometimes, getting a good healthy grilled meal is just what you need to get through the day. Having a smokeless grill around can really help and can save your precious time and efforts.

Whether you are into grilled meals or just learning to cook, a smokeless grill will upheave the quality of your meal with just the right touch. It will hold the essence of the food you cook and maintain an overall healthy cooking environment.