Midlands based Greek Taverna launches delivery service and supports Acorns Hospice during Covid19 Pandemic

Midlands based Greek Taverna launches home delivery service to raise funds for charity during Covid19 pandemic  

Lakis Greek Kitchen is an annual Greek Taverna based in the West Midlands, that raises money for good causes. Due to the pandemic LGK (as it is known) is unable to open its doors to the public this year in which would have been the 7th year running since the charity was established in 2014. 

The show, however, must go on and LGK have partnered with Theos Food Company, who have launched an online shop with their tasty products and Street Kitchen Brothers who will be delivering Greek food directly to people’s doors, a service which currently does not exist in Birmingham. 

LGK launched its “Kleftiko Weekends”on 9 May, in which the famous lamb wrapped parcels cooked together with Cyprus potatoes, and a secret home recipe, is available for home delivery.

Refusing to give into the pandemic, the fire from LGK’s philanthropic annual programme cannot be put out. The clay oven speciality will be available every Saturday and Sunday from the weekend of 9th of May until the end of July 2020.

This year there are two selected campaigns. Profits will go to Isabelle Mason, a warrior princess aged 9 from Burntwood, Cannock. Isabelle suffers from a rare condition known as Rett Syndrome, which attacks the motor-neurone system and children start to become less able bodied and slowly lose their ability to communicate. This young girl is one in 12,000 girls born with Rett Syndrome. Isabelle was four years old when she got the diagnosis and was due to start school this September.

Isabelle’s parents stated “Little did we know what was about to come. Her seizures started in October. In the beginning, it was very surreal but now it’s just an everyday thing for Isabelle. She has anything from one to six seizures a day, some little, some big. With Rett Syndrome also comes drug resistant epilepsy, but she copes with it like a boss and tries not to let it get her down”

The money raised through Season 7 of the LGK campaign will go towards building Isabelle a summer house and helping redevelop the family garden into a sensory space, so she can enjoy this with her brother and sister. This is also so that her therapy pool can have shelter in which is used as a therapeutic measure for her condition. 

LGK will also be actively supplying Acorns 

Children’s Hospice in Birmingham with a list of food products as part of this year’s programme. This is because the hospices are taking on children from the Birmingham Children’s Hospital due to the outbreak and need supplies in order to feed their new patients.

Panikos Panayiotou, the CEO of the charity LGK states: ”We are delighted that we have found a way to continue our annual programme through the kind generosity of our sponsors Theos Food, who will be donating some of their profits from their online shop to these causes and Street Kitchen Brothers who will be delivering the Kleftiko across the city through their Greek food service. It’s an honour to be part of Isabelle’s journey and be able to support Acorns Hospice who help so many children,  particularly during these difficult and unstable times. We ask that everyone supports this programme”.

For further information about LGK please visit http://lgk.org.uk