5 Most Unconventional Styles of Prom Dresses 2021

The prom dress shopping is mostly a trend-based activity. Young girls who are eager to win the prom queen title shop for items following the latest and most-celebrated trends. While that is a way to look at it, you can also try a different approach that will not blend you in but rather make you stand out. It is to try unconventional styles and make a statement.

The following are the top 5 unconventional prom dress styles that will certainly get you all the attention at the party:

  1. Animal Prints

Animal-printed dresses are usually quite bold and fierce. These are absolute “statement-making” dresses that set you apart from the crowd. Since it requires a lot of confidence and boldness to carry something like this at a prom dance, people usually avoid this. However, if you have the confidence then it is a must-try for you. Choose fitted dresses that can display your curves and give it an even sexier edge.

These are the classy prom dresses that stand out in the prom dresses 2021 collection:

  1. Fully-Embellished Pant Suits

This is the ultimate combination of glamour and formal. Commonly, jumpsuit overalls are worn during office events for a chic and sophisticated attire but this is fusion fashion to a whole other level. If you are fond of bling, go with sequined numbers. If you want the glamour but fear that it can overpower you, go with simple beaded items that will shine appropriately.

Take a look at these gorgeous numbers:

  1. All Vintage Styles (Except Ball Gowns)

Before we start, ball gowns have been the staple of prom since time immemorial. Wearing it would not be a statement at the dance. However, other than that, there are a lot of vintage styles which aren’t exactly “prom-y”. For instance, fitted or flaring tea-length dresses in chic colours that has a quite Victorian edge to them are going to be perfect here. Another example of vintage will be full sleeves with flounce.

Check out these designer fancy prom dresses and pick a favourite:

  1. Metallic Hues

Metallic hues are avoided usually for the same reason animal prints are avoided- they are extremely powerful and bold. However, for a trendsetter, it should not be a problem. If you are one, try out golden and silver metal tone dresses without embellishments. The shimmering effect of the outfit is enough to make you shine all night. These are the classics of metallic hues. Apart from that, you can choose traditional colours like red or pink. Sequins can also have a metallic effect at times. Choose according to your comfort level and get ready to turn heads at the party.

These are the most beautiful prom dresses of 2021 collection in metal colours:

  1. Mini-Length Cocktail Dresses

When the whole crowd is busy dancing around in long flowy evening gowns, you can take the opportunity and show some legs. Short cocktail dresses aren’t usually the prom type and that is why they can be a statement-maker. In fact, you can choose anything- A-line, fitted sheath, bodycon and many more for this party. Mini dresses are usually the best kind in this case because they are sexy and invariably make you the centre of attention at the venue.

Check out the sexy prom dresses 2021:

These are going to be the most unique prom dresses because they aren’t decided by the prevalent or celebrated trends. These are completely unconventional and you will definitely receive some unexpected compliments at the party. It’s been a long time of chasing trends; let’s make our own trends and win over the spotlight.

Happy shopping!