Qualities to look for in a good mattress

We spend seven to eight hours of our day sleeping every day. That is a third of your day. To put it into more context, we spend approximately 121 days out of 365 days a year just sleeping. That is a significant amount of time and you would like to spend that time in comfort. If you spend a third of your day resting on a bad mattress it could lead to you developing some health challenges. You should keep this in mind next time you go shopping in a mattress store. So, what are the qualities to look for when shopping for a mattress?

Comfortable padding

Make sure that the mattress has comfortable padding. A mattress pad is a layer that lies atop a mattress. Its primary function is to provide a layer of comfort to shield your body from an uncomfortable or worn-out mattress. It is made from a variety of materials including polyester, cotton, or polyurethane foam. Make sure that the mattress’s padding suits your sleeping position so you can rest in comfort through the night. If you sleep on your side look for a mattress that has more padding, if you sleep on your stomach look for firm padding and if you sleep on your back you need to look for medium-firm padding.

Back support

To avoid back pains, look for a mattress that offers great support. You can determine a mattress’s ability to offer back support by observing the coils and springs that have been used on the mattress. The best way to determine this is by looking at the thickness of the coils in the mattress. If the gauge number is low, it’s a firm mattress. The low number means that the wires are thicker, stiffer and offer a more firm cushion. If it has a higher gauge it means that the mattress is of high quality but that does not mean it is the best in providing back support. You can also check the density of the mattress to determine how the mattress is packed. The higher the density means that the mattress is more comfortable and will offer you better back support.


What most people do not realize is that the size of your mattress plays a big role in how you sleep. You might be limited in this department by the size of your bed or maybe your budget because the larger the mattress, the higher the price. Some large mattresses make it difficult to find sheets, casings, and covers for it. Make sure that you go for a mattress that will make it easier for you to find bed sheets and covers that fit into it. The advantage of a bigger mattress is that it has a lot of space and you can easily share it with someone else. It also has more room for flexibility meaning you can stretch out and take different positions when you are sleeping.


Make sure that you get a mattress that will last for a significant period of time. Some mattresses last longer than others due to a variety of factors including wear and tear; some mattresses take the wear and tear more quickly than others, like innerspring mattresses. Some mattresses are made with more attention to quality hence they have a longer lifespan. Considering that a mattress is not something that you can buy every other day like bread or even shoes, it is important that you get a mattress that is going to last as long as possible.


The price tag on a mattress can easily guide you on the quality of the mattress. As it is with other products, the higher the price the higher the chance that it is a high-quality mattress. Try to get a mattress that comes with high density and offers strong cushioning that protects it from damage whilst guaranteeing you will not experience issues like sagging, edge breakages and stains


Go for a mattress that offers a long warranty period like 5-10 years as opposed to those that offer relatively shorter warranty periods.

Final thoughts

A good mattress is one way of ensuring you get good quality sleep. It is a long-term investment that might hurt your wallet in the short term but will be extremely beneficial in the long term.