5 Reasons to Relocate to Birmingham

Birmingham is one of those English cities that seems to evolve in the background, very much under the shadow of London’s cultural diversity, and Manchester and Liverpool’s sporting prowess. Generally speaking, England is a great place for entertainment. Nightlife, sports – you name it.

However, Birmingham has some amazing pockets of culture, nightlife and stunning residential locations. There really is something for everyone if you’re looking to relocate. From trendy wine bars, music festivals, diverse residential districts and a revamped city centre, there’s much to love about the UK’s second-largest city

Brum Ain’t as Dull as You Think

Let’s move aside the dim, bland view that many have. It’s just not a reality, and there’s so much vibrancy kicking around Birmingham. To add to the buzzing nightlife and cultural side, job prospects are also a major factor.

You see, the days of feeling like you have to pack up your bags and relocate to land a big corporate job are gone. There’s a huge rise in supporting industries and a more flexible way of working. The work from home and freelance life has a huge calling, mainly thanks to how technology has become so advanced.

#1. High Speed 2

Sure, there are mixed feelings around the HS2 train network linking London to the West Midlands, but it’s going to enable tired Londoners to relocate to Birmingham and further afield, without changing jobs.

Imagine a more laid-back life, with a lower cost of living but still being able to spend your working life in the capital? The prospects here are seriously exciting!!

#2. The Arts are Alive!

Even if you’re not a fan of the arts and culture, we know so many who’ve discovered a buried lust for galleries, museums and music festivals after a trip to Brum.

The Supersonic Festival, in particular, offers a different slant to the mainstream festivals across the country. If new wave punk, techno or funky electronic beats are your thing, you’ll love the light shows that this spectacular event offers. Now running for over 15 years, it’s becoming more and more popular as it appeals to a collective niche in the music world.

Staying with festivals, Birmingham has an annual Flatpack Film Festival, the live art Fierce Festival and the pop culture Eye Candy Festival. What’s not to love?

#3. A True Example of Modernisation

Nobody likes to live in a dull city, that’s clear. But some of us just hang on to the hope that a change will occur. The call has been answered!

We’re still away off from the final picture; however, the target 2031 Big City Plan has numerous positives for the city.

Brum’s Big City Plan 2031

You can grab yourself a copy of the planning document. But, to save you the time, the goal of this monstrous upgrade to Birmingham is designed to:

  • Provide over 5,000 new homes for the ever-growing population.
  • Create an estimated 50,000 new jobs, mainly towards the centre of the city — this is massive!
  • 28km of new cycling and pedestrian routes across the city.
  • Better public transport connectivity — this is ON TOP of HS2.
  • Building in sustainable development to manage climate change.
  • Expanding on the already existent unique city quarters.

, it’s going to cost, but it’s also a majorly exciting prospect.

#4. The Nightlife…. Life

Comedy clubs, DJ bars, music venues, night clubs, cocktail bars and wine bars. You want it? Brum has it.

The choices seem endless when it comes to enjoying your life outside of work and the home. Even if clubbing and drinking alcohol isn’t your thing, The Alexandra Theatre is worth a visit.

Need to get the endorphins flowing? Pop along to one of the many choices of comedy clubs, hang out with your friends in the chilled side-street bars or go for a walk along the beautiful and scenic riverways at night. There’s no need to live life as a Peaky Blinder anymore.

#5. Discover Your Dream Home

If you’re worried about having to settle for grimy inner-city life, you can think again. The different districts may be more well-known to you than you think. With heavy investment into new residential areas on top of the current attractive neighbourhoods, this puts you on the front foot entirely.

  • Edgbaston: Housing botanical gardens, the university and a beautiful reservoir, Edgbaston isn’t just about cricket. There’s also a Michelin-starred restaurant in the area in the form of Simpson’s.
  • Moseley: In recent times, Moseley was voted higher than Mayfair for city living. If you want a village community in a city, this is the place to be. Featuring pubs and parks, you get the best blend of a chilled and busy life.

To find somewhere more affordable, consider the likes of Kings Heath, Selly Oak and Bournville — mmm, chocolate!

If you want a district that’s on the rise, look at Cotteridge, Stirchley, Erdington or Bearwood. Bearwood is a favourable choice due to its affordable housing and popular food festival.

No matter where you choose to live, the heart of the city centre is easily accessible, and you simply must visit the Bull Ring and the Jewellery Quarter. The Jewellery Quarter is especially picturesque with 18th-century housing and a rich and diverse history.

You see? There’s more to Birmingham than you might’ve thought.