5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs High-Vis Clothing for Employees

High-visibility clothing is an essential PPE (personal protection equipment) that is used in countless roles including warehouses, traffic management, and construction. Hi-vis clothing comes in all varieties including trousers, t-shirts, vests, overcoats, gloves, and much more. The main benefit of wearing hi-vis clothing is safety and visibility, but there are many more reasons for employees to wear this type of PPE – continue reading to find out more.


The most obvious benefit of wearing hi-vis clothing in the workplace is safety because it reduces accidents. The main safety concern is visibility, which is why you will see hi-vis clothing in industries like construction. As well as being seen by road users and other employees on site, hi-vis clothing allows companies to continue working at night and in adverse weather. The most common colour for hi-vis is Day-Glo or fluorescent yellow, but you can also get them in orange, green, and purple.

Weather Protection

The majority of people working in hi-vis will be outside in all weather, including harsh rain and cold snaps. Fortunately, waterproof hi-vis jackets and clothes can be used, which leaves hands free to focus on the current task. If workers are out in the field and their reflective strips are wearing, you can invest in reserve strips that can be attached to clothing for added protection.


When a business is out in the field, they need to echo professionalism in everything they do. Wearing hi-vis clothing helps with this; it tells people that the business follows the rules and respects its workforce. By demonstrating professionalism, clients are more likely to hire your company and leave positive reviews.


Whether you think hi-vis clothing is “cool” or not doesn’t matter, as the majority of businesses that use this PPE are required to by law. European regulations dictate that workwear must be reflective and conspicuous. Despite coming in from the EU playbook, Britain adopts these policies in the post-Brexit world. The British Standard (BD EN 471) and the CE Kite Mark both govern the suitability of all manufactured hi-vis clothing.


In large cities where countless projects take place, businesses need to stand out. Distinct hi-vis clothing makes employees easy to identify, which helps prevent unauthorised access to restricted zones. If hi-vis apparel is part of the uniform, members of the public and logistics personnel will have instant recognition, which is beneficial at security gates or delivery bays. Identity from hi-vis clothing goes much deeper than outward recognition; it also brings employees together and makes them feel part of a unit, meaning greater levels of productivity.

When you’re working around large or fast-moving vehicles and machinery, it is important to remain safe and reduce the likelihood of fatalities and accidents. Hi-vis comes in different garment types and colours, meaning it’s designed to suit all weather conditions. As well as keeping workers safe, the law stipulates that hi-vis clothing is mandatory, so there’s no way to bypass the system.