5 Video Marketing Tips for Glass Artists

More than the sales, what excites an artist is their fan base. Video content is a fascinating new way to expand your reach. Video marketing plays a crucial role in building a connection if done strategically.

Here in this article, we have gathered proven video marketing tips for glass artists to establish their unique online identity.

So, let’s scroll down and find out:-

1. Know the Purpose of Your Video

To create a successful glass art video you must be aware of the purpose of shooting the video. You have to figure out whether your video will be educational, entertainment, or a personal experience.

These are fundamental examples of the type of content you can create. First decide on the subject, then research on the topic. The better you plan, the higher the odds you will come with video content that will drive greater engagements.

For instance, shoot a live video of fusing art glass that gives your audience an insight into how different fused glass art supplies are used. It is a delicate process and requires a live demo.

2. A Set Studio Ready for Filming

Many artists prefer to shoot the video outside, while some still go with a set environment to film. The indoor studio ambiance is the best option because of proper lighting.

Whatever filming environment you opt for, you will be requiring an arsenal of equipment. These include a high-grade commercial camera, different kinds of lenses. Not to mention, invest in professional lights and backdrops for your video — it can be themed or a green screen.

3. Choose the Right Music

The right music can make or break any video. Even if you are educating aspiring artists on how to fuse COE96 glass or selling your artwork. Today, there are numerous options for music to add to the background. We suggest you stay clear of popular music, as there would be copyright claims, and you may land in big trouble.

4. Edit the Texts You Include

Often the most overlooked aspect when creating a video, written content gives brief to the audience. It tells what the video is, which many viewers check when playing a medium-to-long video.

Captions or any other form of written content in your videos boost the attention span to a great extent. The well-written captions are best for those with hearing difficulties and people who can’t play the sound of the video.

The captions also improve the visual appeal of the video. It allows your viewers to memorize an informational video. The caption content needs to be crisp and focused on the audience.

5. Sharing Your Video With Your Audience

Finally, there are several ways to make your video shareable. Use the right social media platforms, such as Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter to get more clicks to your video. Share an incredible preview of your video on these social media channels.

Partner with local influencers to promote your video to a broader audience base. So, by now you probably have learned a lot about how to present your audience with an engaging video, without too much time off your busy artist work schedule.