6-Point Checklist to Consider When Choosing an Exhibition Space

Exhibitions are the perfect opportunity to show off. Be it a product or art, service or skill, or whatever else, these events can provide you with the perfect platform to present the best of what you have to offer.

When planning for the staging of your event or exhibition, one of the most crucial aspects to consider is location. Indeed, location is everything and your choice will no doubt influence the success of your event or exhibition.

If you are looking for an exhibition space in London, keep in mind the following factors to ensure you pick the most suited space for your event

  1. Accessibility of the Venue

Always think of how easy it is for you and other exhibitors, as well as visitors to get to your chosen venue. If the venue is easily accessible via several forms of transport including rail and road, that in itself will motivate more people to attend. It is no secret that people will shy away from your event if they will face challenges getting to and from the exhibition.

Also, be sure to check Google Traffic to get a feel of what your event attendees may have to deal with to get to and from the event. You may also want to set the time for your date accordingly so that the arrival and departure times coincide with times when traffic is moving.

  1. Size of the Space

Book an exhibition space that is too small and both exhibitors and attendees will be cramped for space. This will create a not-so-great impression and the not being comfortable enough can be a real put off for all in attendance. Additionally, if everyone is all cramped up in the small space, then they may not have a great view of the presentations or what you have on exhibition.

Again, you also don’t want to get a space that’s too large. Apart from the obvious cost consideration, if you end up using only a small section of the room, you risk your event looking small-scale.

Also consider whether the space has a variety of rooms. This would be perfect where you want to have mini exhibitions and presentations in the other rooms and the keynote speeches and presentations in the main room.

  1. Ease of Customization

You will no doubt need a unique set-up and design for your exhibition. You want to be able to set-up the room according to your requirements. This may mean moving the furnishings around, or bringing in new furnishings.

Either way, confirm that you can do these customizations before you book the exhibition space. Always check what the venue has to offer in terms of décor and furniture before confirming your booking. Many property owners and managers have employed easy ways to make your space more elegant. Also ask whether they can do the customizations for you.

  1. Power Requirements

Many exhibition organizers often overlook asking about power requirements when booking a space and this can turn out to be quite the blunder. For the basic exhibit layout, just having enough power on the floor and a power socket for as many exhibitors as will be in attendance will suffice.

For a more complex or custom arrangement, you will need to speak to the management while booking our exhibition space in London.  Either way, the most important bit is ensuring that there is enough power for everyone and everything, right from lighting and air-conditioning for the whole space, to power for individual exhibition stands. Problems with the power are more common with older venues, so you will want to keep it at the top of your checklist for such venues.

  1. Quality Equipment

It is always so convenient to have everything together including the sound. Lighting and visual equipment together with the venue. This way, you can avoid the hassle of hiring and transporting this equipment to the exhibition.

Confirm that you will be able to enjoy high-quality equipment that is up to date. This will give you the assurance that you can do your presentations well, with good lighting, HD screens and the best audio equipment. You don’t want your exhibition attendees struggling to see and hear through every presentation.

  1. Cost

All factors considered; you want to ensure the price you are paying for is commensurate with the quality of the exhibition space you are getting.  Assess the value of the space, and your budget when looking at the cost factor. If you have an unlimited budget, then by all means, go for the best which offers the kind of luxury to create a great first impression.

What Works for You

The list of what you consider important when checking an exhibition space may be different from the next person’s. This checklist, with your preferences and budget in mind, should guide you  in choosing a great venue for your exhibition.