7 Cool Wallpaper Designs & Inspirations For Your Living Room in 2021!

If you ask any interior designer, “What is the easiest way to style any room?” their answer will surely be “Wallpapers.” Only they have the ability to transform any space from boring to extraordinary instantly. You can brighten up any space with various patterns, textures and create a sense of fun.

Do you have plain and boring white walls in your living area? Spice them up with some of the most fabulous and cool wallpapers. When you don’t have enough time to paint your walls or you’re not allowed to do that, wallpapers are the best choice. They’ll instantly add character, style, and warmth to your space without damaging the walls.

Wallpapers come in various designs, colors, and patterns, so to help you select the best one for your space, we’ve listed up some creative and unique wallpapers from Wallpaperfromthe70s. Easy to install and remove, these wallpaper for walls almost need no maintenance, don’t think too much and give a makeover to your family room with these awesome wallpapers.

7 Stylish Wallpaper Inspirations For Your Living Room!

Classic wall designs, glamorous wallpapers, or simple minimalistic, whatever your style, you’ll find tons of wallpapers in unique color combinations and designs in the below list. And the best thing about them is that these look good not only on walls but also on furniture and accessories. So, start decorating your home interiors with these pretty wallpapers.

1. Retro Pattern In Pastel Colors

Do you want something bold but not too crazy? Go for this wallpaper design. The large-format retro pattern in delicate pastel colors will give your living room a Scandi style. As it has a structured vinyl surface, it is scrub-resistant, so you can easily use it in your kitchen, dining room, or bathroom.

2. Vintage Brick Wallpapers

The solid matt brick pattern in brown-white and red will be perfect for those who want to create an industrial or vintage look. The wallpaper’s roughness and texture will add a rustic charm to your living room or dining area.

3. Bring Luxurious Vibes

Create a glam yet classic look with these palazzo grey-blue wallpapers. They have a matt base surface with a shimmering geometrical pattern. They will look extremely good with leather and wood furniture. Add accessories like gold and metal decor to complete the look.

4. Glam up The Fireplace

Whether you have an old-style fireplace or the modern one, you can easily enhance your home interiors with wallpapers with simple designs. See how lovely this pearl light grey wallpaper is looking which has really pretty branches and blossoms patterns! The base is in shimmering color with a cream color floral pattern, which beautifully complements the modern fireplace.

5. Introduce Fresh Florals

Love floral patterns? Order this beautiful wallpaper with large and intense flowers and bugs design in Brown, Green, Light Pink, Red, and Violet blue. This colorful blossoms wallpaper will turn any bare wall into a gorgeous accent wall. The smooth vinyl surface has a textile feel, which emphasizes the gorgeous floridity.

6. Trendy Nature-inspired Designs

Look how mesmerizing this landscape wallpaper looks? The high mountains, foggy clouds, forests in shades of green, green-white, and white add a romantic touch to the place. This particular one comes in three parts, which is easy to install and will turn any wall into a fascinating eye-catcher.

7. Classic Diamond Cut Pattern

If you’re looking for a timeless design, then this two-tone wallpaper with a rhombus or diamond-shaped pattern is perfect for you. The classic color combo of ocean blue with turquoise blue and gold detailings will create the Art Deco style in a fabulously modern way.

Keep Decorating!

So which wallpaper design do you love the most for your living room? Always go with the one that complements your home interiors, decor, and your lifestyle. These wallpapers look not only stylish and designer but also have other benefits such as low flammability, wash-resistant, and you can easily & quickly apply or remove them on the walls or any other surfaces.

So, set the right mood and convert your space from boring to fashionable with these cool wallpapers. We’re pretty sure that you’ll enjoy every second of every day in your newly transformed room. So order your favorite set of wallpapers on https://www.prints4sure.com/